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Evening Tech Bits

35. Re: Evening Tech Bits Dec 6, 2012, 12:58 Tim
Verno wrote on Dec 6, 2012, 12:07:
Why is it that real terms never have a quantifiable measurement? People just vaguely say "faster or more stable" with zero information. People just say some feature like "stability!" *waves hands around*. Pretty much everything seems the same to me as Windows 7 in terms of speed and stability, I wish I could say I saw a noticeable difference but games, applications, etc all seems the same. That's also why I don't really complain about the underlying stuff, it seems the same.

I did run some benchmarks, saw very very minor marginal differentials that went back and forth in specific games but that was about it. I'd also note that most benchmarking sites also test some real world usage stuff in their tests, not just synthetic tests.

I'll assume some of that was a generalisation rather than targetted at me but I find app load times, install times, start and shutdown times quicker. Games wise not so much but experience tells me that will take time (as drivers mature and probably also as things slowly creep in the DX scale). I don't sit around running benchmarks all day but I do dual boot both on the same hardware on several systems and that's my impression (and therefore my opinion). I certainly appreciate it more at work than at home since at home i'm more or less just gaming. We'll leave it there.

Verno wrote on Dec 6, 2012, 12:07:
I don't see many things where I think "I'm glad they updated that, the Windows 7 implementation was flawed". There are some minor quality of life type adjustments to be certain but nothing that has a real impact on usage. I'll have to go digging back through the documentation but my impression was that many of the improvements only apply to WinRT built apps specifically. I'd argue some of the improvements (for example dual monitors) don't go far enough for my taste but I got it for free so I really have few personal complaints. I've been running and reading about Windows 8 since the first dev preview, I have no personal investment in its success or failure, I just recognize it for what it is.

Well neither do I - I don't work for MS and i'm certainly not one to subscribe to companies as being a religious cause. You should go back and read up as there's plenty of documentation talking about things like performance and security that specifically apply to the OS as a whole (and therefore desktop apps proper). Realistically Windows is *normally* only ever the sum of it's 'minor improvements' aside from big impact features (the drive model, the MUI layer) which cause major upset/or consternation. This on the one hand causes people to complain not much is different ("it has no worth to me") or on the other breaks things for them immeasurably ("i can't cope arrrrrgh"). It's amusing (and reflective of my own work in all honesty) at times and frustrating at others. For me there is no major blocker to using 8, I can live with it's foibles and I do enjoy it's improvements. I'm also aware that it's customisable (hey, it's Windows) and could be made to suit other's needs better. People will then complain they shouldn't have to - this doesn't sit well for me (but again, that's "me").

Verno wrote on Dec 6, 2012, 12:07:
Vista is vista, we've done the debate to death here already so I'm not going to rehash it. The problem with Windows 8 is that the only real feature you can say that makes a major impact on most usage scenarios is Metro and that has its own baggage. For the person with no operating system installed the choice is easy, you can disable Metro and use Windows 8 as a cheap copy of Windows 7. For the person who is weighing a potential upgrade the decision is murky and that's reflected now in the slowing sales now that early adopters are done and they clamped down on the $15 upgrade. The price is supposed to go up even higher next year as well.

Well there's stuff in there that made a difference to me - but I don't see the point of rehashing that (as you say) either. I'm somewhat perplexed where the "slowing sales" thing comes from though? I'd expect a rush initially, sure, but I was under the impression we're not really going to see valuable figures for some time yet from MS.

Verno wrote on Dec 6, 2012, 12:07:
I see just as many ridiculous assertions from other early adopters that people who don't want to upgrade are resistant to change, hate Microsoft, beat their dog, whatever. It goes both ways. I use Windows 8 at home on a test machine and like it for what it is but totally understand why others are not chomping at the bit to upgrade.

Oh sure, anyone can be unreasonable - and yes people will beat you to death with their views (in order to make you submit and 'agree') but that's not really my bag. I'm more just curious as to the root of why they think what they think - I spend a lot of time trying to understand user's needs and ratify them with both the views of others and are own internal needs (resources, roadmap etc). If someone has a valid viewpoint I can usually get my head around it and I'd happily lay into someone saying 8 was 500% faster in gaming than 7 (because it's bollocks) equally as someone who said 8 was less secure than 7 (because it's not).

All said and done though I do get asked about 8 a lot - both professionally and personally and I can't in all honesty tell people to avoid it because really there's not all that much to fear in there. Even my neighbour (who bought a laptop in ~june) has done an in-place upgrade (gotta say that was smooth as butter and remarkably quick too..) despite my warnings about it being "big time different". He's computer inept to say the least but he's finding the who MUI stuff 'great' as he put it (which has me scratching my head because some of the way it's implemented (switching apps, closing them or even getting back to the start screen) is freaky horrible to me.

I just hope that "Windows Blue" does arrive sooner than 3 years and we do see a lot of extra love for the desktop side now they've established their ecosystem for touch and tablet.

As a sidenote - that was a little selective in response but no worries (and that's not a slight - just perplexed somewhat).

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