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Elite: Dangerous Video Diary

This trailer is a second video developer diary for Elite: Dangerous, Frontier Developments' space shooter revival that's the subject of a current Kickstarter. The clip features David Braben explaining about "The Galaxy and How it Evolves over Time." Thanks Trueman832.

18. Re: Out of the Blue Dec 1, 2012, 13:44 Creston
The Half Elf wrote on Dec 1, 2012, 13:28:
Creston please show me where he's been 'doing' this game for the last 20 years?

Are you seriously expecting me to go try to hunt around for news articles from the 90s? Seriously? There have been news updates and snippets and at least one official announcement (IIRC), that "Braben is working on Elite 4." If you don't believe me, fine. :-shrug-: OMG DAVID BRABEN HAS FINALLY ANNOUNCED ELITE 4 FOR THE FIRST TIME!

People (including many on this site) have been begging for a Elite game for a long time. He's making one, he's showing work for it, talking about the project, etc.

I would actually likely quite enjoy another Elite game. I have no faith that Braben is going to get one done. If he DOES get it done, I will gladly admit I was wrong, and I'll gladly pay full price for it IF it's any good. (Let's just say that First Encounters really soured me on the whole "A Game By David Braben!" thing...)

The company may not pump out as many games as other but they have a solid track record.

All I'm saying is that for the rather low amount of games they release, they have a crazy large team. 200 people? Are all these people going to be working on Elite 4? No? Are they going to be working on another game? Their last title got cancelled, and according to the website that shows you the financial status of British companies, their cash flow has gone from 10+ million to a smidge under 2 million pounds (IIRC, without looking it up) in the space of like six months. To me that seems like a company that's about to go belly-up, and is using this KS to try to stay afloat for a few months until they can hopefully secure publisher funding to make something else.

Now, if you feel that everything he's showing is genuine and is legitimately evidence of them working hard on Elite 4, that's fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and seeing as how he's secured 650000 pounds in funding, obviously more people feel that way (though I think most of that funding just comes from people who go OMG ELITE 4 I LOVED ELITE GIVE MONEY GIVE MONEY!!!).

To me it seems like they did a KS to cash in on the hype of KS, and are quickly churning out meager amounts of content to keep the funders marginally happy.

How is this any different from the "Old School RPG" kickstarter? A kickstarter which the large majority of people said "This is BS. They have nothing, they're just trying to grab some cash." It follows basically exactly the same principle.

If Kickstarter was around 20 years ago, how many games do you think we'd have now, compared to how many have been shelved due to no interest from a publisher?

I don't know. Is that relevant? I'm not quite sure what the point behind the question is. Are you saying we should all just throw money at Braben because otherwise Elite 4 would never get made?

Because I will agree with the latter part of that statement. Without KS, Elite 4 will never get made. He's shown that over the past 20 years. I just have no faith that even WITH KS, it'll ever get made.

Finally, he really should lower his entry prices. I gave 20 bucks to Limit Theory, because 20 bucks gets me the game if it ever gets made. And if it doesn't, hey, maybe Parnell's procedural generation thing will show up somewhere else at some point. I'm willing to risk 20 bucks.

Braben is basically asking for 40 bucks just to get the game. Yeah, no. I'm not gambling 40 bucks on a guy who gives off a vibe that he's going to burn through this money and then cancel the project, because he has nothing actually in the pipeline.


This comment was edited on Dec 1, 2012, 13:49.
Avatar 15604
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