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Elite: Dangerous Video Diary

This trailer is a second video developer diary for Elite: Dangerous, Frontier Developments' space shooter revival that's the subject of a current Kickstarter. The clip features David Braben explaining about "The Galaxy and How it Evolves over Time." Thanks Trueman832.

14. Re: Out of the Blue Dec 1, 2012, 13:20 Creston
Rigs wrote on Nov 30, 2012, 21:24:
I realize some of you guys have a problem with the way Braben might be handling the various updates and details but I can't understand why anyone thinks they shouldn't be doing this game.

He's been "doing" this game for the past twenty years. And he has literally zilch to show for it. Elite 4 makes Duke Nukem Forever seem like a quick, excellently managed project.

Yes, he's asking for support and not giving many in-depth details, especially compared to other projects but there could be multiple legitimate reasons for this. They might not be really far along in the production other than an early alpha and don't want to show something that would give the wrong impression to the players.

They are not in early alpha. They are literally nowhere with this game. Every single thing they've shown has the 'quality' (and I use that term loosely) of something they whipped up in few days since the last update, because those damn people out there need like footage or something before they'll give money!

And not wanting to show something to players is really, really, REALLY the wrong approach to take on Kickstarter. At least, as far as I'm concerned. It seems there are plenty of people who will gladly throw money at David Braben based off of nothing but nostalgia.

Maybe they don't want to give a lot away so it's more of a surprise when it's released.

That's not how games get made. That's not how you secure funding.

Maybe they're waiting until they have most of the features finalized first. Valve doesn't make a peep about most of it's games (nor id) until they're further along in development and not many people seem to have a problem with that. (I understand they're not Kickstarter projects, I'm just saying, 'In general')

Valve isn't asking the community for money to make HL3. id isn't asking the community for money to make Doom 4. Braben is asking for money to make a game that he's been saying he's been making for literally TWENTY YEARS. Elite 4 has been announced to be in development (officially or not) at least half a dozen times in that timespan.

Braben has literally ZERO lines of code to show for all those times that it's been in development. He says they have all the underlying tech ready, but so far they've shown nothing of it, beside an asteroid field that any halfway decent programmer can cook up in a day. Now compare that to what the limit theory guy is showing. (it's awesome that an almost exactly the same type of game is on KS right when Elite is, Braben must hate Parnell something fierce.) If this is all Braben has to show for having worked on Elite 4 for twenty years, then Parnell must have been working on Limit Theory approximately since the Fall of Constantinople.

Possibly Braben's not the talkative kind of person that can show a whole bunch of emotion toward what he's working on. Who knows? I get blamed a lot for not be enthusiastic when working on things but just because I don't show it on the outside doesn't mean I'm not. He could be the same way.

I don't mind that he's a non-emotive, sullen-appearing guy in the videos. (Although I have to ask why he keeps putting himself IN those damn videos? Is he a narcissist or something? If you display no energy, then STOP FUCKING FILMING YOURSELF.) What I mind is that he can't even muster the energy to write a decent update. He's done about 9 updates or so so far, and combined they haven't even been the length of a single Obsidian update. To me it screams that he literally has nothing to say about the game, because he simply no idea what it's going to be or what he really wants to do.

There's just so many reasons for why he's going about the project in this way, I think it's just too early to be criticizing him for the way he goes about explaining things. The project hasn't even begun full production yet so things are probably still in flux. This isn't his first game and he has a track record spanning decades, so like Roberts, I have faith that he knows what the hell he's doing.

Roberts had a fuckload more things to say and show than Braben does, and to say his track record spans decades is a little exaggerated. He's been making games that long, but he really hasn't released all that many of them.

In any case, if people want to spend their money on this, hey, it's a free world. Just don't be surprised when, 12 months from now, he issues a small update that says "Unfortunately the tech isn't working out the way we wanted it to, and we've run out of money. I'm afraid Elite 4 has been cancelled." Because I'm still not entirely convinced this is anything but a "holy shit, people are giving away millions of dollars based on nostalgia, this can pay our bills for a few months!" cash grab.

How is he going to run a 200 man company for a year and a half with 1.5 million bucks?

I really wish, though, that we could round up ALL the different devs in this genre and get them to collaborate on one massive space sim! That would be majorly epic. As far as I'm concerned, the more space-sims in the market, the better!

Having every space dev in the world work on one game would be a major, major clusterfuck. You'd get a game with 90 billion features that has absolutely no coherence. You need one guy with a strong vision, and a good team under him. I don't have any faith that Braben is that guy.

Avatar 15604
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