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Star Citizen Multiplayer Details

A lengthy post on the Roberts Space Industries Website offers new information on Star Citizen, the upcoming crowd-sourced space simulator from Wing Commander architect Chris Roberts (thanks Bruno and Matt). Chris describes his unrealized ambitions for an MMO version of Freelancer, and how: "With Star Citizen I was determined to combine what I wanted to achieve with Freelancer, with the personal experience that I think both Wing Commander and Privateer were so strong with." He goes into great detail on multiplayer gameplay and balance after outlining how multiplayer will dispense with the kind of shards of which he is not a fan:

In Star Citizen there is going to be one persistent universe server that everyone exists on. So you will never be separated from your friends, and if you want you’ll be able to join up and adventure together, you can. Due to the fidelity of the dogfighting and physics simulation we can’t however handle thousands of players in the same area of space. Even if you had enough internet bandwidth to handle the data going back and forth and a super computer for the server there’s no PC, even with quad SLI that could render that many spaceships with Star Citizen’s fidelity.

So the “magic” of Star Citizen’s multiplayer design is how we combine a persistent universe with a more traditional (and easier to implement) temporary multiplayer “battle” instance.

The way it works is that the persistent universe server, which we’re calling the Galaxy Server, keeps track of all players’ assets, group relationships and locations inside the Star Citizen universe. As the Galaxy server isn’t handling any realtime action it can handle our complete player base, which right now would be about 45,000 players, but is designed to be able to scale to millions if need be. The other key thing the Galaxy Server does is dynamically place players based on their location, skill level, alignment and player versus player (PvP) preference into battle instances. Think of a “battle” instance like a Battlefield 3 multiplayer session or a World of Tanks Battle with the key difference that the selection of players is done transparently and is “in fiction”.

32. Re: Star Citizen Multiplayer Details Nov 13, 2012, 16:56 Dev
ItBurn wrote on Nov 12, 2012, 09:37:
Wow, you guys are fucking nuts.
Obviously you never played Freelancer.
This is exactly like the Freelancer setup. It's not magic, it's not impossible, it's not whatever shitty keyword you want to use, free-to-play, free-to-win, gw2-like or whatever.
It's been done before, by him, and it worked amazing.
The post he wrote is the best and clearest indication yet that this game will be exactly what fans want.

Also, please read the basics on the project. You constantly come up with facts that are completely wrong and things I personally have continually been telling you is not the case (based on clear information from their site).

I have yet to see arguments against the project that weren't based on false assumptions.
The posts I've done have been based on his words. Which I've quoted in past posts on the subject.
Pretty sure freelancer didn't have things like MMO type play and premium currency that you can pay 2 win.
He's talked about $10 or $20 million funding, so he obviously has a lot of private funding, and doesn't need my contribution. That kinda private funding is going to come with serious strings attached, which is likely the why he's doing the MMO/f2p elements. Especially when the private funding is much larger than the crowdfunding. That stuff is hot right now and lots of investment money out there to do it.
Edit: Here's an article where the $10 mil figure is mentioned.
He also says on the websites home page "If we can raise between $2 to $4 million we have investors that have agreed to contribute the balance we need to complete this game"
So the crowdfunding is nowhere close to what he needs for the game. He's using it to show private investors there's interest. Being beholden to investors comes with its own set of issues. In some ways its similar to being beholden to a publisher.
Ah, here's where he mentioned the $20 mil figure, it was in reddit AMA, where he says thats how much they will spend the first year.

Also, I found another item in that AMA. He says private servers won't have the features of the hosted ones. Good luck on getting that full SP experience on a private server.
"It wont be as full featured as the persistent server but should have more functionality and persistenace than just a multiplayer battle instance a la BF3 or WoT"

Privateer was one of my all time favorite games... but this looks nothing like it. If it turns out its even half as good, I'll get it, but this is one I'm waiting until its out.

Here's one of my past posts as an example:

They are full of contradictions. It almost seems like he's trying to add every feature of popular games into one, just for the sake of having them.

Buy once, but microtransactions... also it will have gameplay thats free, so its F2P but not F2P? "Star Citizen will feature plenty of other ships and we expect players will want to earn credits and figure out which suits their particular style of play best. You can also upgrade to a bigger ship during the crowdfunding phase by pledging additional money." Hmm yeah, not F2P, but you can sure pay 2 win.

Not MMO, but massive and persistent and online, and single player. Which one is it? "This means that it is NOT a ‘click to kill’ interface like most modern MMOs" Like most MMOs? If its not an MMO, why are you talking about MMOs?

Continual updates adding new content, he's going to have to support that somehow.

Full modding supported, and do what you like on private servers... ok then why wouldn't I have everyone start with a bazillion credits to avoid the whole microtransaction thing? Or just have ME start with a bazillion creds. Or setup a store page to pay ME on my modded server to get much more creds?

He's not going to do kickstarter because he can't build fan base the way he wants to... but wait here's kickstarter!

System requirements will change, but here's current, GTX 460. Thats somewhat similar to the 560, which is around $150 right now. He would have been better off not saying anything about current requirements if it will change.

If this was $15 I'd jump on it in a heartbeat. But at $30 (for early backers, $40 if not), I'm going to wait until its released. Too many misgivings about how he's trying to throw everything including the kitchen sink into it.

This comment was edited on Nov 13, 2012, 17:42.
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