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MechWarrior Online Open Beta

Open beta testing of MechWarrior Online is now underway, offering the promised opportunity to check out this multiplayer mech combat game:

Infinite Game Publishing (IGP) and Piranha Games announced today that after a decade of fan anticipation for a new MechWarrior game, MechWarrior Online has entered Open Beta. Mech combat has finally returned to millions of both veteran and new MechWarrior players at The highly anticipated and hotly previewed MechWarrior Online puts players in command of the most powerful war machine to ever walk the battlefield, the mighty BattleMech™. Already widely embraced by gamers in Closed Beta, its successful Founder’s Program achieved more than $5 million in sales since July.

“After a brief delay, we are very excited to open up the game and look forward to continuing to expand the Inner Sphere to both new players and our loyal fans. They have offered critical and immediate feedback, helping make MechWarrior Online the game it is today,” said Russ Bullock, president of Piranha Games.

Bullock continued, “We’re excited to enter this phase of development with our publishing partner, Infinite Games Publishing. Working together we have laid the groundwork for a full pipeline of content between now and our official launch early next year, and beyond.”

Set in the year 3049 during the early stages of a massive interstellar war, MechWarrior Online puts you in command of a wide variety of devastatingly powerful Mechs. Customize each of your Mechs to suit your preferred battlefield role; upgrade systems, replace weapons and tweak armor with near endless options.

Play MechWarrior Online now for FREE at

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5. Re: MechWarrior Online Open Beta Oct 29, 2012, 22:41 Bet
People should keep in mind that for a few weeks, new players are going to be TERRIBLE at a game like this. Driving a tank and shooting a fast target at the same time? If you've played Battlefield, you know how many people can do that well.  
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4. Re: MechWarrior Online Open Beta Oct 29, 2012, 21:21 Cabezone
I dunno where you're getting that you have to run a missile or laser boat to be competitive. I do far better than most and all the mechs I run, except one, have at least two weapon types. Sure the average pubbie might be running a boat 24/7 but that doesn't' mean they're the most effective. They're just the easiest to use.

Customization of each mech variant is limited...but there's is a lot of variety between mech variants.

It is a team yes...your team will get destroyed if it doesn't have any teamwork.

Your other complaints I find are mostly valid...their interface throughout is pure shit. That is especially glaring.
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3. Re: MechWarrior Online Open Beta Oct 29, 2012, 21:09 spindoctor
There isn't and won't be any SP component because the industry hasn't figured out how to fuck over gamers with microtransactions within a single player environment.

As for the MP, the free to play model in this game is pretty dire. Any half decent F2P game will start everyone on an equal footing and then provide advantages to paying customers that don't affect game balance. MWO is not like that. As a free player you will start in a clearly inferior training mech and you will have to grind for hours before you can even afford to buy a somewhat competitive mech. And even then the game has way too much grinding in general. And performance is not where it needs to be. Big open maps though, thanks to the Cryengine 3. It's open beta now, so everyone can give it a shot to see for themselves.
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2. Re: MechWarrior Online Open Beta Oct 29, 2012, 20:53 Keith
There is no SP component at the moment. My understanding is there won't ever be a SP component. I updated to the latest version, hoping there would be some improvements. While there were a couple cosmetic fixes, nothing worth mentioning. Still feels like a clunky FPS. The weapons grouping is probably the worst in Mech game history. The restrictions on weapons, while understandable, make customizing your 'mech really something more of an idea than something you can really do. Once you hit the field, if your team isn't tight on tactics, the match is pretty much decided, unless the other team is totally inept. One fast mover getting to your base gives about a minute until you lose. Often you will see a team group up and head out, then try to make a mad dash back to their base to keep it from being destroyed. Graphically, it's still rough, and highly subject to lag, so little scout 'mechs will get under the big guys, or on their back side, and just take pot-shots at the thinner rear armor. This is kind of how it is supposed to work, admittedly, but not this much and not this bad. Half the team tries missile gunboats while the other is all medium lasers. Sure some try to have variation, but really there is no point unless you are a) strictly canon, b) a martyr, c) don't mind losing a lot, or d) just don't know how to play well. I have spent some time and try to post suggestions on the forums, but usually you get a bunch of responses like "it's just you", or "I love it", that don't seem all that constructive.  
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1. Re: MechWarrior Online Open Beta Oct 29, 2012, 20:40 jdreyer
I love MW, but mostly for the SP campaigns in the older games. Any SP gamers out there check this out? Worth the time, even though it's MP only?  
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