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Out of the Blue

I saw a reference today to Indiana Jones today that made me think of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, a recollection not as painful for me as it should be, as I have not seen the much-reviled latest installment in the series. This is because, as I've mentioned in the past, MrsBlue and I end up seeing a vast majority of movies after they come to cable/satellite, especially when the reviews are as mixed (to put it kindly) as they were for Indy 4. Which brings me to my point: Is Spielberg so embarrassed by this film he's keeping it off cable? It was released well over four years ago, and its absence from the small screen is starting to seem like the it's getting The Star Wars Holiday Special treatment. By all accounts this is deserved, but I remain masochistically curious to see it.

Masochistic Links: Thanks Ant and Acleacius.
Play: Siegius Arena.
Stories: Florida man accused of returning used enemas. Thanks Gawker.
Seattle police seek more drones while two sit unused. Thanks Slashdot.
Science: Satellite Left Stranded by SpaceX Rocket Falls From Space.
Media: Minecraft Environmentalists.
The Onion Takes on TED.
This guy is awesome at kicking American footballs.
Follow-up: Brevity.

32. Re: Out of the Blue Oct 14, 2012, 11:08 Bhruic
pnag wrote on Oct 14, 2012, 06:23:
Sooo... Let me get this straight... You're comparing a government run early space program, with three military trained pilots, that the world was watching... To one oddball scientist taking his helmet off? (As it is just Holloway at first, and they all do try to talk him out of it.) Tell me, was Jenner irresponsible when he didn't obey AMA guidelines for the first smallpox innoculation? Or was he a scientist working by himself? And Marie Curie! What an idiot! Her research killed her - would never happen in real life...

Oh wait, it did...

High school level science background? My degree, Masters and current undertaking of a PhD say otherwise. You thinking it's stupid does not make it so.

No, what makes it stupid is that it is stupid. It's completely indefensible by anyone with even a basic level of reasoning. You know what killed more Native Americans than all the bullets the colonials brought with them? Infection. Infection from the same planet they were on, with the same atmosphere, the same lifeforms, the same biosphere. And yet because they'd never been exposed and hadn't developed any resistance, they died in droves.

Now you've got a bunch of people on an alien planet with potential alien lifeforms, bacteria, etc, and someone who claims to be a scientist thinks it's perfectly fine to take off his helmet simply because the atmosphere mixture is acceptable? "Oh, people tried to talk him out of it!" Sure, and when he idiotically did it anyway, wtf did the rest of the people do? Apparently, since he didn't keel over immediately, that means it's "safe", so all the other fucking idiots took their helmets off too.

So apparently you either got your degrees from a cracker-jacks box, or are in complete denial over how stupid those actions were.

And that's only the frosting on the stupid cake that the movie was. It doesn't even go into stuff like "I spent my whole life studying these things, but since we didn't get immediate answers in the first 6hrs since we've got here, we are total failures". Or "We have the technology to monitor the suits of the scientists in the structure, which apparently works fine despite the storm on the surface, but when they go missing, we can't simply look at their cameras to find out where they are and what's happened to them". And I could keep going, but listing all of the rampant stupidity of the movie would take up the rest of the day, and I just don't have that kind of time to waste.
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