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PlanetSide 2 NDA Ends

We'll probably be hearing more about PlanetSide 2 soon, as John Smedley tweets that the NDA has lifted for the MMOFPS sequel (thanks Blahman), saying simply: "The NDA for the Planetside 2 beta is now officially lifted." He also clarifies once and again that this does not mean they are about to release the game.

27. Re: PlanetSide 2 NDA Ends Sep 1, 2012, 13:29 Veterator
Haven't played for about a has a lot of balance issues that get really irritating.

Some of them may be fixed now, but a quick list:

- Drop pods instantly kill anything you land on, friendly planes, enemy planes, tanks, people, etc. They added spawn beacons which cut down on the ability to drop on any squad member willy nilly, but people were literally killing galaxies worth of people every 5 minutes EACH with just 3-4 people in a squad... and bragging like it was some kind of grand joke.

- AA is ineffectual, while anti-ground from air is deadly as hell. It's hard to hit the planes because the bullets drop off so quickly you can't hit planes unless they are very close. They added some Auraxium bought weapons for heavy and MAX that may make this less retarded trying to shoot down planes, but was too expensive to try them myself.

- Some MAX units seem to have good AV weapon by default, while others have piss poor ones. BS AV seems to be good, while TR AV has low damage and 5 shot clips. You can barely kill infantry with it before you need to reload which means you die...better to stick with chain guns. NC jackhammers were instant kills on most infantry in comparison. Don't ask me how they came up with the balance they did on MAX suits, it makes no sense whatsoever.

- Right now by default the classes have special abilities that look like they should be cert point bought. So the experience you have now may be the same experience you have when you fully cert into these abilities. Like the heavy shield ability, medic heal, inf cloaking. Or somewhere in between. However if these are the maximum effect aspects of the abilities, the classes are weak in comparison to the stupidly weak. The MAX units don't have enough drawbacks to discourage use if this is how much stronger they are supposed to be. They can't drive, can't gun in lib bomb position...can't be revived or healed by medic. But that means you could load up a gal with all MAX minus the driver.

- No trial system for weapons, so you spend real life money or auraxium on guns that may end up being completely useless. The grenade on top of tanks is useless as hell. You pretty much have to direct hit guys to hurt them with it. PLUS, Zoom certs often don't work on secondary guns......which again makes them useless to use if you're trying to shoot infantry/planes you can barely see if you can manage to compensate for bullet drop off.

- I don't care for the having to buy grenades to use. This is a stupid system, and I suspect it's indicative of what their pay system is going to end up being. That you will eventually be unable to supply yourself with various kinds of weaponry because they want everything to bought with Auraxium/Station Cash. So you will be limited to what you can afford to by instead of what you can cert eventually.

- Station Cash system isn't in yet, nor is most of the items in the shop. But I think it's going to be expensive basing it off the rate of Auraxium you earn and what stuff costs. 12.5k for tracking rocket launcher, when you get maybe 2-3k auraxium a day if you play extreme amounts of time. Then Max guns cost 8k, AA launcher costs around 12k. Plus all the vehicle guns, some of which cost 12k+ maybe more. And a host of implants (temporary 24 hour implants, retarded as hell) and other guns that aren't priced yet.

- Base lock down upon capture is 5 minutes, usually this isn't even enough time to clear out the enemies before it's capturable again. So you literally get stuck at a base until you just say screw it and move on. Now with the hex system, I suspect this will result in all day fights at one location. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it gets kinda old only being able to see 10-20% of the map because the way the system is designed.

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