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Out of the Blue

MrsBlue is off to her new job today, and with no ties remaining to Disney, I no longer have a potential conflict of interest to disclaim related to reporting Disney-related game news. With their disinterest in the PC platform there was nothing to be conflicted over during that span anyway, but it makes life easier for everybody if there's no potential for that to worry about. She is back with a more traditional book publisher now, so there is no gaming connection to acknowledge going forward.

R.I.P.: British director Tony Scott dead after jumping from California bridge.

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44. Re: removed Aug 20, 2012, 16:22 Beamer
Bet wrote on Aug 20, 2012, 16:17:
Anytime you involve someone else as the mechanism of your death (train/subway driver, cop), you're scarring them for life as they're left with the guilt of ending you. Even unintentional suicide like people trying to go around the bars on roads out of impatience and not realizing their own stupidity messes up train drivers brains, as they're witnesses to something terrible that they couldn't stop.

I agree with the likes of nin, Agent.X7 and Aseven in this case though. A slow wasting disease will fuck up kids that age for life, as surely as witnessing him blow his brains out would. You'll still need counseling either way. As to how much better/worse a quick suicide is, knowing that your dad ended it on his feet, well that's a grisly debate that hopefully no one here has to weigh for themselves.

Man on Fire was a great movie. Now's a great time for a revenge flick like that if you're upset about this. Remember the man for what he was, not how he ended.

Clip of the movie (spoilers), at 3:20 a scene to change the subject

Apparently they took the non-subtitle white text out of later versions. Talk about gutting an effective creative touch of stylized emphasis of dialogue...

My point is just that there are ways that don't put anyone else in danger, scar them, or otherwise ruin their day. You're absolutely correct about what it must do to the guy operating the train or subway, or the diver that's searching for the body, or the driver that sees the man jump off the bridge.

Suicide is absolutely not black and white, but there are ways to do it that don't have wider implications on a wider audience. I'd still put the Jackie-O suicide as one of the better managed one (which is a privilege she had.) Family crowded around, said goodbye and had their closure, and she slipped off in a painless, clean morphine overdose.
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