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Out of the Blue

MrsBlue is off to her new job today, and with no ties remaining to Disney, I no longer have a potential conflict of interest to disclaim related to reporting Disney-related game news. With their disinterest in the PC platform there was nothing to be conflicted over during that span anyway, but it makes life easier for everybody if there's no potential for that to worry about. She is back with a more traditional book publisher now, so there is no gaming connection to acknowledge going forward.

R.I.P.: British director Tony Scott dead after jumping from California bridge.

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37. Re: removed Aug 20, 2012, 15:34 ASeven
Beamer wrote on Aug 20, 2012, 15:27:
ASeven wrote on Aug 20, 2012, 13:49:
Lorcin wrote on Aug 20, 2012, 13:41:
Sorry but suicide is a selfish cowardly act - especially as his twin sons are only 12.

Suicide a selfish cowardly act? Sorry, that is to paint things so black and white you are insulting everyone involved. Suicide is never, ever a black and white thing and it sure as hell isn't a selfish cowardly act. It's an act of utter desperation at the very least and one of the most heartbreaking acts that can happen because the reasons for it to happen are always extremely complex.

Views such as this help increase the suicide rate rather than help preventing suicides and throwing suicide into the moral realm without even caring about the reasons behind it is the lowest of the low.

Though this is all true, deciding to jump off a bridge is absolutely selfish. He just parked in one lane and walked off. The bridge was closed for a while. Divers had to go in looking for the body. The waterway was slowed down while they did this. Police have to launch an investigation.
At the very least this is costing tax payers thousands of dollars. It's also a big surprise to the family, because extremely public, etc.

There are more private ways of going about this, especially if you have wealth. Pull a Jackie-O and just overdose on morphine while your family crowds around you saying goodbye.

I'm not saying that what he did is wrong or right, but you can't say it either since you have no idea what he was going through. It looks to us like it is selfish to go away like that without a word to your family and indeed the way you mention seems a lot better, to go away surrounded by the family, much like, for instance, Terry Pratchett plans on going soon.

Thing is, you have no idea what he was thinking, how his family environment was. Maybe he thought it was less painful for the family this way. Was it? Probably not but he must have felt pretty desperate and probably thinking it no longer had any choice. He may have felt this was the best way and, honestly, who are we to say otherwise? Would you have gone to him and convince him otherwise? Would you present viable solutions when assisted suicide is banned pretty much everywhere in the world due to the misguided religious and moral perception that suicide is wrong? What would you have done in his stead? It's easy to talk not suffering what he was suffering, it's when we're in the same position that perhaps we might realize things are never easy no matter what decision you take.
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