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F1 2012 on September 18

Codemasters follows their previous announcement that F1 2012 is expected in September by announcing a September 18, 2012 North American release date for the Formula One racing simulation, celebrating the news with a new Young Driver Test Video Developer Diary:

Codemasters today announced that F1 2012 will launch in North America on Sept. 18, 2012 for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, PLAYSTATION ®3 computer entertainment system and PC. F1 2012 is the next game in the award-winning, multi-million selling FORMULA ONE series from Codemasters as part of an exclusive multi-year deal with Formula One World Championship Limited that takes players to the heart of the sport like never before.

A new developer diary, also released today, details several of F1 2012’s new features including the Young Driver Test, which will act as the game’s tutorial mode, teaching the player about the nuances of racing a FORMULA ONE car. Featuring the first glimpses of F1 2012 gameplay footage, the new developer diary can be viewed at

Commenting on the inclusion of the Young Driver Test, F1 2012’s Creative Director, Stephen Hood said: “The aim for the 2012 game is to make more of a complete FORMULA ONE experience. [The Young Driver Test] gives those up and coming drivers track time to showcase their talents and it’s wonderful that we are able to copy the elements that happen on those real Young Driver Test sessions in the game.”

F1 2012 is set to deliver the most accessible and immersive FORMULA ONE game for fans of all abilities with improved control and feedback for players using a gamepad and tutorial Hot Lap videos for each circuit narrated by former FORMULA ONE driver and TV pundit Anthony Davidson. With more features yet to be revealed, F1 2012 is set to be the ultimate FORMULA ONE experience to date.

In F1 2012 players will feel the unparalleled thrill of becoming a FORMULA ONE driver with a host of new features, wide-ranging technical and gameplay advancements and extensive competitive and co-operative multiplayer components. F1 2012 will feature all of the official teams, drivers and circuits from the 2012 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™, including the debut of the 2012 FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX at Austin, Texas and the return of Germany’s famous Hockenheim circuit to the calendar.

F1 2012 is in development at Codemasters Birmingham for Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3 and PC and is available for pre-order ahead of its September worldwide release. To get all the news straight from the studio, race over to or follow the team on twitter at

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9. Re: Out of the Blue Aug 11, 2012, 13:02 theglaze
Rigs wrote on Aug 11, 2012, 12:50:
There's got to be another reason...

It's probably the same reason why you don't watch BTCC or DTM!
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8. Re: Out of the Blue Aug 11, 2012, 12:50 Rigs
Now see, I'm like the opposite of you guys in that I play F1 sims and follow it casually, I'm not a huge fan of it. I was actually a big fan of F1 back in the early 90's but after Senna's death, I kinda just stopped watching. Nascar took up a lot of my time already and kinda just took over. Indycar also. It's strange but, like WW2 air combat sims, I learned about most of the details of each kind of racing from, honestly, if you asked me anything about F1 other than superficial stuff, I'd embarrass myself in the little bit that I know about it nowadays. Most races are aired during the night here, where as Nascar races are pretty much on standard Saturday or Sunday afternoon schedules. I'm curious to know why Nascar doesn't get a lot of exposure outside the US. Is it just because 'they go around in circles'? I kinda can't believe that that would be the only real reason it doesn't appeal to international viewers. There's got to be another reason...

As for Forza and Gran Turismo, I have the first Forza on my original Xbox, which I actually do play occasionally. I've spent a lot of hours on it and it's hard to just put it away when something newer comes out. GT5 was an obsession for a while too but it came out right when I was going through a bit of a burn out (no pun intended) on racing sims, so I didn't really spend that much time on it that I normally would have. I had played a lot of the GT5 Prolog and I've been easing back into GT5 itself over the last few months. Summer is usually a lean time for sims for some reason so it gives me a chance to catch up on the ones I haven't gotten to much or even to explore other genres (You mean there's other kinds of sims?! No way!)...

Avatar 14292
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7. Re: F1 2012 on September 18 Aug 11, 2012, 12:08 theglaze
I'm surprised no one has mentioned it so far, but I feel that Forza has always walked the line between sim and arcade with true brilliance. While there are some Logitech mods to make those products work on a 360, a Fanatec product is the only real option. And I must say, the CSR Elite puts on a hellova show with Forza 4. I'm not looking to start a scrum on the forums, but I'll take Forza over GT5 any day...especially on the day M$ finally releases a track pack...

Codemasters F1 2010 had decent feedback and control, and it was a leap beyond F1 Championship Edition (PS3) which was the last game to use the license until CM. I felt that F1 2011 was definitely another leap over F1 2010. Now looking at the latest video (, it's exciting to see them use a Fanatec CSR Elite with the game @ 2:57, and customized G27 @ 2:34, especially if they are trying to legitimize their games to more sim PC fans.

The one thing I really want to see in F1 2012, but haven't read about, is brake lock ups resulting in wheel vibration and handling troubles due to flat spots. That has been a very notable aspect of F1 in the last 2 seasons, and they need to take that and improve it significantly in F1 2012.

But I'll buy it anyways.
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6. Re: F1 2012 on September 18 Aug 11, 2012, 10:43 theyarecomingforyou
Dmitri_M wrote on Aug 11, 2012, 09:01:
I loved the old Papyrus Nascar games on my Pentium but don't live in the US and have never followed it as a sport, a lack of Nascar titles isn't something I'd pay attention to :\
Same. I've always been a fan a sim games, though only if they capture the fun of the sport - I'm not interested in every technicality of the sport, so you need to be able to skip things that don't appeal to you.

However, owning both F1 2010 and 2011 - and being a huge F1 fan, having watched every race this season and gone to the Spa Belgium Grand Prix last year - I'm still not interested in paying full price for this. It doesn't seem like it does enough new. I just hope existing users get a sensible discount or else I'm going to have to wait for a sale.
Avatar 22891
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Optane 900P 280G
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5. Re: F1 2012 on September 18 Aug 11, 2012, 09:01 Dmitri_M
Yeah my comment wasn't specifically aimed at you just in general praise of current pc racing. I loved the old Papyrus Nascar games on my Pentium but don't live in the US and have never followed it as a sport, a lack of Nascar titles isn't something I'd pay attention to :\

Recently dug out my old Logitech wheel after buying Driver San Francisco on the steam sale, and putting down 10eur to access the Project Cars alpha program. Really impressed with pCars. GT for the PC, looks amazing. Driving is somewhere between arcade and sim. Driver San Francisco..meh a very nice arcade game totally marred by Ubisoft "features". Doesn't even support my wheel out of the box, requires a registry hack. The game itself is a very fun arcade open world racer (just like the original Driver games on PC) that looks and performs well (even if the graphics options are limited to the typical port "low quality" and "high quality" settings).
Avatar 22350
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4. Re: Out of the Blue Aug 11, 2012, 07:17 Rigs
That would be true if all I did was race on iRacing all day (or rFactor, Race07/GTREvo/GTR2, GameStockCar, NR2003, RFactor2, F120xx, Grid/Dirt, LFS/netKar/projectCars) but I also race GT5 on my PS3, which my G25 works very well on. My point is that aside from the mods to various established PC-centric racing sims (especially in rFactor and NR2003), there are literally no NASCAR-themed racing sims, even though the sport is just as popular now as it was when there were 3 or 4 different series of Nascar sims (Nascar Racing, Nascar Heat, Nascar SimRacing, ARCA Racing). The genre is certainly alive and very well, as you pointed out, but the lack of a dedicated Nascar sim is really disappointing, to say the least. The EA version on the consoles, while 'better' than earlier iterations (like *gag* Nascar Thunder *shudder*), is still very much an arcade game. I've played it on my PS3 with my wheel and it's...ok. A sim it is not but it's a nice time waster when you acknowledge and accept to yourself that that's all it is and nothing more. The consoles nowadays could easily handle a true sim if any dev was willing to make one. The NFS Shift series and the current F1 20xx series is testament to that. Shift's sim qualities are debatable but I've found that it really relies on one's perception of what a true sim is and how 'hardcore' one needs a sim to be to be called legit. Myself, I enjoyed Shift and Shift2 quite a bit and still hop in on occasion, on both the PC and my PS3. Same with F1. I'm not as picky as some sim racers and I won't turn my nose up at a game that might be more to the arcade side of things, as long as it feels good to run. I've spent too many hours on GPL, Nascar Racing and rFactor1/2 to worry that I might be getting 'soft...

Avatar 14292
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3. Re: Out of the Blue Aug 11, 2012, 05:20 Dmitri_M
Simracing is one true PC gaming genre that's still alive and kicking in a serious way. Large communities, loads of mods etc. So many good racing series have been released over the last 5 or so years. It's almost taken over from FPS games if you're looking specifically for titles that push PC hardware and benefit from the multi monitor setups current gfx cards support natively. If you're into this genre (and probably turn-based WW2 strategies) you wouldn't have noticed any of the shift towards consoles.  
Avatar 22350
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2. Re: Out of the Blue Aug 11, 2012, 04:12 Rigs
Agreed. I'm not much of a football fan (I do watch it, especially my boys, The NY NJ Giants) and playing it on a console or PC only strikes me when I'm in the mood. It's not a 'must-have' for me. Sim-racing, on the other hand, is my passion, and since Papyrus died, the only yearly racing series was/is F1. I just wish someone would put as much effort into a NASCAR or Indy sim every year as they do rally or F1 (don't even get me started on EA's wannabe NASCAR junk. They only came close with NASCAR SimRacing a few years back and nothing even worth it since)...

Avatar 14292
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1. Re: F1 2012 on September 18 Aug 10, 2012, 21:35 SpectralMeat
I am really looking forward to this one. This is one of those "sports" games I don't mind buying a new version every year.  
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