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Morning Legal Briefs

29. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Aug 9, 2012, 20:19 Veterator
Beamer wrote on Aug 9, 2012, 17:33:
Veterator wrote on Aug 9, 2012, 15:36:
Most CEOs in the US are douches, when are they going to bust in their doors and beat em up some while they seize their assets and holdings? Or the bankers.......

Has to be easier to bust them for douchebaggery and illegal practices when they are in the same country as the people pushing for it.

Dotcom needs to beef up on his white collar crime if he wants to run with the big dogs.

Most CEOs and bankers don't do anything illegal. Hell, most CEOs and bankers don't do anything shady. They're jerks, but doing everything 100% within the law.

Which is why the laws may be an issue, but tell that to RollinThunder.

Even most traders, which is probably what you mean when you say "bankers," don't do anything particularly bad, but it's their culture that's really screwing everything up (and, at this point, I think most people will never understand the difference between an investment banker and a trader. I'm always surprised the media doesn't actually use proper terms. Traders are not bankers, they're greedy monkeys with terminals.)

Similar boat in my mind.

Dotcom may or may not have been profiting directly from copyright infringement. They threw the law out the window instead of building a proper case and went after him.

CEOs/whoever may be in charge of companies may or may not be breaking employment laws by requiring Facebook logins and other information on people that is in direct violation to protected classes and other criteria they aren't allowed to ask about. Divorced, have kids, planning to have kids, gay, straight, member of whatever political group, etc.

Hell companies doing 5 year long wage freezes despite posting a lot of profits to me seems like another questionable thing they should be investigating. Not temporary wage freezes, minimum period wage freezes. Caterpillar was going for 6 year wage freezes.

Bankers/traders/lenders/mortgage handlers. I frankly can't tell where the housing crisis began or ended in that group of people. It seemed like everyone hand their hand in the jar and fueled the frenzy despite all indicators and basic common sense. Kept telling people everything was great and kept on lending. Then after it busted, which they had a large hand in, they had many instances of illegal foreclosures. They broke into a guy's home and "winterized" after he just bought it.

Hell on another forum was reading about a guy who was unable to buy a house because the bank who was trying to short sale it was operating in bad faith and wasn't disclosing the existence of liens on the property. Trying to handle them by delaying the process and kept silent until they couldn't hide it any longer.

I mean .....this stuff is right up to the line of fraud if not outright fraud. Why aren't they being busted? They are in the US doing this stuff. They are hurting real people's funds and homes, not imaginary copyright infringement bucks. Yet the imaginary funds gets the assault squads..and can't even seal the deal because they borked it.

The obvious answer is that busting corporations and their employees doesn't aid corporations. And when it comes between corporations, the one with the deepest pockets gets to choose what happens to the less influential companies. I always like to ask myself, would an individual doing this to another individual be in jail? If the answer is probably yes, then the law should be applied the same to corporations. If the answer is no, then the corporation is probably as close to "good" as it can be considering how favorable the laws are toward them versus the individual.

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