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Crytek Shanghai Opens

Crytek has opened the Crytek Shanghai Software Co., a new studio in Shanghai, reports GamesIndustry International. Word is: "The new studio will work on CryEngine, and allow a closer relationship with customers, and potential customers, in the all important Asian market. It will also collaborate with Tencent on the company's first free-play-title, Warface."

12. Re: Crytek Shanghai Opens Aug 8, 2012, 16:18 Chromius
I cant help myself.

America has been sold out from under you, globalization means profits for the rich and America going from 2nd world to a 3rd world country. Why did we bother to pass child labor laws if corporations can buy industrial complexes in a Communist Dictatorship country and pay 2 dollars per hour. Oh wait why did we bother fighting all those wars fighting communism just to hand all our industry to China. Our system was broken by the businessmen who became our public servants, who then lobbied and changed the laws to avoid any govt. tampering with large business getting away with it.

China is going to close the gap and surpass our current technology mostly because of all the tech being placed into their hands by us.

Did you all know Corporate Profits are at an all time high during Obamas administration, and they bs you with the regulations thing. GDP as wages and taking into account inflation is the lowest ever and has been on a steady fall since 1955 with wages being lower and cost of living rising, with the largest drop being the last 4 years.

Nafta trade agreement really? We were in a 24 billion trade surplus and went to a 36 billion trade deficit and let all the cheap labor come over the border. (This is the reason it happened) But investors and company who moved their businesses to Mexico profited big time while we lost jobs and wages dropped. I witnessed a 50 person factory that paid 12-15 hrly change overnight to shuttled in immigrants making min wage. The company was then sold for a massive profit the following year.

If you are currently working in a steady job with the same wages you will not see all this, the media will placate you into believing all is well. They will completely sell us out because of the debt or govt created through very bad choices.

The wars are all bs, did you know the reason the USSR fell apart was that Afghanistan broke them financially. They are not even doing anything about the poppy fields other than token efforts. Follow the money trail and the plans for the region and you will soon see the absolute truth of it.

DHS doing its job, nope its all to intimidate you. There is an FBI map on a govt site showing the almost open border with Mexico and the Mexican drug cartels have moved into every major American city. Whats the use of DHC terrorist can just smuggle in with the drugs.

Here is a recent poll you will never see on the news Recent Gallup poll on American faith in the Media is only 26% the lowest ever, and that high in my opinion as the only "truth" they give you is one sided with NO facts to substantiate it. Never mind we are ranking number 76 in the country list on freedom of speech and this is America, LOL!

Please wake up what I am stating are facts, and not off any conspiracy site, gee you can read the real financial forums and find out the whole mortgage thing was a scandal but still no US arrests, and whats with the President getting away with what 3 counts of treason vs the US never mind what hidden in the Fast and the Furious 100k of pages we will never see.

Anyway, not the right place for this, but hey Thomas Jefferson said the only way we would get through what is now taking place is to educate and have controversy and to not trust the media.

Does everyone know how immigration is supposed to work??? I lived abroad and got work permits, I know and have read many immigration sites just to see if I could get a work permit, and it is quite difficult unless you have a degree or a certain skill.

Immigration is only allowed when there are skilled job shortages! And never for things like working at mcdonalds or landscaping or any other job an unemployed citizen could do first. This drove the wages down or kept them at a minimum. Why let people come to our colleges and go to school and take jobs our citizens could do, they will accept lower wages and fill the pockets of the colleges. The biggest scam in history is taking place right before your eyes and 90% or more of Americans will not see it.

Read about some facts share the information hand out flyers if you can with key points that will wake people up. Do it for your friends and family and especially the children. You do not even have to make it about religion as it is about people and respect for each other and being somewhat ethical and moral in you daily interactions with others.

And please even if you do not want to vote vote for Romney the current lesser of two evils, it will at least buy the American people a little more time.


Avatar 55170
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