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Morning Metaverse

83. Re: Skyrim Versus ThreatFire Aug 13, 2012, 17:09 Matshock
Beamer wrote on Aug 13, 2012, 16:54:
Matshock wrote on Aug 13, 2012, 16:41:
Beamer wrote on Aug 13, 2012, 16:35:
Matshock wrote on Aug 13, 2012, 16:14:
Beamer wrote on Aug 13, 2012, 15:00:
Well, guns clearly make it worse. Had the Batman shooter had a hammer instead of a gun with a 200 round magazine there would have been far fewer casualties, and stabbing/hammering someone is certainly more visceral and harder to do than merely pulling a trigger (I'd wager most of these people are too cowardly to do that.)

But yes, it'd still be happening, just with fewer casualties and likely fewer incidents as a whole.

And it's amusing that you're saying religion would solve this. I'm pretty certain there's an area in this world full of religious bombings that would disagree wholly, as well as a few periods of history full of religious inquisitions and crusades that would also disagree.

Holmes had a 100 round magazine that jammed- and they are well known for jamming by anyone that even bothered to read up on the case itself before posting about it.

I'll pretty much guarantee you that the majority of the wounds were caused by the pump-action shotgun and most likely the majority of the deaths as well although that may have been the handgun.

That aside- not likely. If you take away all guns they will find a way to make explosives and use those. And if through decades of pacification you manage to make people afraid of guns and explosives and all violence, they will be that much more docile and easy to kill with knives or hammers by the maladjusted among them.

PS I didn't say "religion would solve this"- reading comprehension fail but we already knew that.

No, but you did say that these people more and more aren't part of the values of most religions. Which would imply that you feel that, if they did buy into the values of most religions, they would not do this.
Did you mean for that to be interpreted in any other way?

Not sure how you think people having guns means they're easier to kill with other means, either. Because we're not afraid of guns we're harder to kill with other weapons?

I didn't say anything like "most religions". I said something very specific.

Your second question has nothing to do with my post about guns either.


For the rest of you- that shooting in TX looks like an eviction gone bad, not a mass shooting. In places like Chicago that's called "Monday" and they don't report it in the news.


Ok. I suppose you mean you're ignoring me. My questions were that bad? I haven't even taken an actual side on this, I'm just questioning on yours. Thin-skin.

You didn't say "most religions," you said "christian and buddhist religions." Not sure why you're splitting the hair here. Do you not want to include Hinduism in that? Or is it some other?

My second question directly relates to your post, too. Direct quote:
. And if through decades of pacification you manage to make people afraid of guns and explosives and all violence, they will be that much more docile and easy to kill with knives or hammers by the maladjusted among them. My second question was asking you to elaborate on that. How can you deny having said it?

Here's what I actually said:

IMO these people are all ideologues that aren't constrained by the kind of ethics normally associated with kind-minded Christian or Buddhist and the like faiths- or at a minimum a nurturing atomic or at a bare minimum a nurturing extended family. More and more of us have none of the above- the state is our mother and our father and it is a cold, distant household.

I see many important concepts in print that you are pretending aren't there. Does this kindergarten-level of manipulation work on your peers?

As for my skin- you apparently missed the two pages of unsuccessful attempts to discredit my ideas before you arrived.

But you are by far the least of my detractors in this thread- and that is indeed a low point.
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