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Morning Legal Briefs

18. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Aug 6, 2012, 18:22 RollinThundr
jdreyer wrote on Aug 6, 2012, 17:19:
RollinThundr wrote on Aug 6, 2012, 16:33:

I stopped paying attention when you called Obama a conservative. That Kool Aid must be extra strength.

Ah, yes. Obama the "liberal" who:

- Devised, shepherded, and signed a conservative health care law first proposed by the Heritage Foundation and implemented by a Republican governor in Mass.
- Ordered the killing, not capture, of OBL
- Ordered the killing of US citizens without due process
- Expanded the drone war, expanding into new countries and vastly increasing their usage
- Expanded the war in Afghanistan
- Renewed the Patriot Act, a piece of legislation reviled by liberals
- Continued and expanded warrantless wiretapping started under Bush
- Initiated an unprecedented campaign against leakers (liberals are for transparency, not against)
- Expanded the war on drugs
- Put Social Security cuts on the table for negotiation as part of deficit reduction
- Extended the Bush tax cuts
- Expanded oil drilling
- Supports nuclear, clean coal, and natural gas fracking, all harmful to the environment

Oh, but he came out in favor of gay marriage, so he's a liberal! (AFTER public acceptance was over 50%)

Bruce Bartlett, former Reagan and Bush I official:

Conservatives will, of course, scoff at the idea of Obama being any sort of conservative, just as liberals scoffed at Nixon being any kind of liberal. But with the benefit of historical hindsight, itís now obvious that Nixon was indeed a moderate liberal in practice. And with the passage of time, itís increasingly obvious that Clinton was essentially an Eisenhower Republican. It may take 20 years before Obamaís basic conservatism is widely accepted as well, but itís a fact.

If nothing else Obama wants to be a dictator, that hardly makes him conservative. You're not even making sense. Oh wait I forgot it's the MSN stereotype that that Republicans/Conservatives all want to kill babies and such. Right.

Obama isn't for transparency, he bamboozled you all, liberals really aren't for it either, there's far more rich liberals in this world, (just look at hollywood) than their are republicans. But hey keep clinging to that idea the mass liberal media keeps feeding you that the 1% is hoarding your part of the finite pie.

The health care bill is certainly not conservative either, and it will cost us more in the long run.

You're also not mentioning all the alternative energy companies that he handed tax payer money to that have all gone under.

Fact of the matter is I often question if liberals even live in reality to be honest.

He's for stricter gun control, he supports groups like Accorn (voter fraud ftw!) is against mandated ID to vote, has added more to our debt with wasteful bailout spending than any previous administration, including Junior, yet you folks want to pass him off as a conservative. Like I said, the Kool Aid must be strong.

The one good thing he's done is call the kill shot on Bin Laden, good riddance to another pos terrorist.
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