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Op Ed

Kotaku - Gaming's Biggest Problem Is That Nobody Wants To Talk.
The biggest problem in gaming today is that the gaming industry thinks we're all out to get them. They think gamers are the enemy, a group that needs to be treated with disdain and avoided whenever possible. They think the only way to fool us into buying their products is to cover everything in a shroud of secrecy, only drip-feeding us pretty trailers and juicy soundbites during carefully-tailored marketing campaigns. They think we should just sit there and lap it up.

30. Re: Op Ed Aug 4, 2012, 16:38 yonder
Graham wrote on Aug 3, 2012, 12:06:
The biggest problem in the gaming industry are the responses of anonymous gamers. This year we've seen the community managers and developers for SWToR, Mass Effect 3, and Diablo 3 light up like roman candles because they didn't deliver what some gamers considered to be the products they should have delivered.

"Who cares about a game no one plays anymore?"
"**DEVNAME** is dead to me"
"I hope they fucking fold up shop"

Blizzard posts a picture on their Diablo 3 facebook page and the response is over 2000 comments, more than half of which are "fix your fucking game". People are wondering why blue posts went silent, or why the Mass Effect 3 team has gone dark for everything except multiplayer (and the recently announced Leviathan)... is it surprising? When everything you do is met with loud, boisterous hate, eventually you stop wanting to talk. You try to control the message through your silence. It doesn't work, but it seems like a brilliant alternative to dealing with every word you spit out being twisted into a weapon against you.

I wrote part of a book on MMO community management in 2004 and I thought it was bad then. It's slid off the deep end, you honestly couldn't pay me to deal with people like us anymore.

Gee, so you're saying EA and EA and Activision are unpopular? Let's take a look at the problems that EA and EA and Activision are being bitched at about and, oh wait, let's not, cuz everyone knows what they are and there's no need to repeat the fact that they treat their customers like the enemy. If you want to complain about asshat consumers at least pick non-horrible publishers to defend. Good job.
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