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Op Ed

Kotaku - Gaming's Biggest Problem Is That Nobody Wants To Talk.
The biggest problem in gaming today is that the gaming industry thinks we're all out to get them. They think gamers are the enemy, a group that needs to be treated with disdain and avoided whenever possible. They think the only way to fool us into buying their products is to cover everything in a shroud of secrecy, only drip-feeding us pretty trailers and juicy soundbites during carefully-tailored marketing campaigns. They think we should just sit there and lap it up.

26. Re: Op Ed Aug 3, 2012, 19:28 Beamer
Tumbler wrote on Aug 3, 2012, 17:59:
Why change what's working right now and go straight to $40? You were only willing to pay $40 for Max Payne 3, and within a few weeks you could.

I don't think it is working. I don't look at new games coming out and see one that I want to spend $60 on. They're just not good enough. Or maybe I've just seen to many. I don't know why more and more games seem to be just taking older mechanics and throwing new paint on them and trying to pass it off as new and innovative.

My time is being continually pulled away from games because the quality of entertainment I get seems to be waning. I often prefer reading reddit, watching youtube video's, listing to books on tape via or just watching movies. Hell, I like watching many games on Let's Play videos on youtube over playing them.

Maybe it's the story driven narrative that so many games try to copy. Be like a movie and people will love it! Well it just ends up feeling like an awful movie because you end up "watching" the same scene play out a dozen times before you get to see the story advance. (a dozen waves of enemies)

I don't know what's wrong exactly. I just know I'm not going to pay for it anymore. (Pay a premium)

But it is working. You still bought Max Payne 3 at $40, you just waited. Other people bought it at $60.

If you weren't buying any games it wouldn't be working. It's especially telling that YOU bought a game as you're the one that's most commonly discussing how you never buy games at retail.
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