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Borderlands 2 Development Complete

The Gearbox Software Community Portal announces that development of Borderlands 2 is complete, and the role-playing shooter sequel is off to certification for approval for release. This includes word that they've moved on to production on the Mechromancer content that will be released as free DLC for Premiere Club members, saying this should come roughly 60-90 days after the release of the game itself, which is still almost two months off:

Today, we have some exciting new to share about Borderlands 2 -- the game is headed to certification!

This means that the game’s on-disc content has been locked down and will be thoroughly tested to ensure it is ready for release -– in other words, the game is finished and we cannot make any further changes to the game. As such, the team is now shifting their focus towards post-launch efforts, including the Mechromancer: the new character class that will be released as FREE downloadable content to members of the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club roughly 60 to 90 days after launch.

The Mechromancer is just one of the many bonuses for members of the Premiere Club, which can be joined by pre-ordering Borderlands 2 from a participating retailer in advance of its release on September 18 in North America and September 21 Internationally. For a list of those participating retailers and more details about Premiere Club benefits, please visit our Borderlands 2 FAQ and

On behalf of everyone involved in the development of Borderlands 2, thank you for your love and support -- your passion for what we create is what fuels our effort!

20. Re: Borderlands 2 Development Complete Jul 20, 2012, 15:20 ochentay4
Warskull wrote on Jul 20, 2012, 14:30:
ochentay4 wrote on Jul 20, 2012, 13:17:
Warskull wrote on Jul 20, 2012, 13:10:
ochentay4 wrote on Jul 20, 2012, 12:54:
This is fantastic... On the old days thet would release that unfinished class to E V E R Y O N E on a later PATCH. YES. A PATCH. NOT DLC. A PATCH.

Dont forget everyone who likes this game will get RAPED by PAID DLC. I will not make the same mistake with Borderlands 1. I will buy the game a year and a half later as a GOTY for 5 bucks with all DLC.

I'll never ever ever ever buy a game at launcha again. NEVER. PERIOD.

EDIT: Of course they announced on Twitter they just began making DLC!!!! Why not fixing the bugs that slipped through gold (of couse they game will have bugs, remember Borderlands 1? It still needs an external config tool made by people to improve the game) Of course they can make further changes to the game!!!!!!!!!!!!

EPIC RANT hahahahahaha Middlefinger

The paid DLC for Borderlands 1 was a pretty good deal. Moxie's underdome was weak, but General Knox and Claptrap's Robot revolution gave you about 10 hours of extra gameplay each.

Pretty good deal? 10 bucks for each DLC? 40 bucks for DLC? Are you mad? I've got DAYS of fun playing Witcher series that cost half of those 4 DLC. I cant stress enough how important Projekt RED are for the industry and PC gamers. They are an example to follow for multiple reasons. Thet still make lots of money. Their games still sells like hotcakes, are really cheap, and they have added more content to their games for free than any company developer I know in recent times.

And please dont get me started with "certification" on PC.

The fact that Microsoft and its business model damages the industry in the long run is terrible.

Look at FEZ developers. They cant release a patch cause it costs A LOT of money to "certificate" it on the 360.

Look at Valve and its games: Team Fortress 2, L4D1/2, Portal2. They cant bring the same level of commitment on the 360.

There are a lot of examples.

PS3 developers have it easier/cheaper.

The fact that Borderlands is 360 centric bothers me to hell.

I hate paid DLC. I hate Microsoft. I hate G4WL. I hate unpatched games.

Whooooa rant of the week I guess! hahaha time to spend more time playing Witcher 2!

You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. Borderlands 2 isn't using games for windows live. Borderlands 1 didn't use games for windows live. There was no certification process, there were no delayed patches.

All the Borderlands 1 DLCs were created post-release. They were well written, fully voice acted, fully fleshed out, and fairly entertaining. It was actually a great example of how to do DLC right. There was a significant amount of content there, General Knox+Clap Trap was argueably the best part of the game.

You Witcher comments are completely irrelevant here. Using your logic could say for $5 Dungeons a Dredmor is still fun a full year after release, therefore Witcher must suck. Sounds pretty stupid, doesn't it?

There are legitimate criticisms to be raised about Borderlands 1, for example the way they handled FOV, the menus not using the mouse properly, and the always on voice you had to disable. Instead of mentioning any of those, you scream about how GFWL is ruining gaming despite the fact that Borderlands doesn't use it. You complain about certification patch delays which never affected the PC version of Borderlands.

Just ranting about random things that are completely irrelevant makes you seem like a crazed idiot. Try to organize your thoughts. Think about what is relevant and what is a random rant.
Organizing thoughts? Yep you are right.

Here it goes:
1. They plan to release a new class for few people after launch (probably 2hrs later not 60 days...) despite being on paper/planned (and/or probably being on disk) before release. Its like From Ashes from Bioware (they gave it free on Digital Deluxe or Collectors Ed, I dont remember) clearly cut from the main game.

2. They announced that they are working on future DLC instead of polising remainging bugs (we all know this game will have many at release date) and/or rewarding Day 1 players with more suculent content. If DLC is planned, all Day 1 copies should include coupon so they end up with at least 2 fre DLC instead of crying why people who buy the game at later date, pay 5 bucks, get the whole game/all DLC. Those "Premiere Club" DLC are clearly CUY OUT FROM THE GAME.

3. After the success of Borderlands 1, they'll make A LOT of DLC, some of them really overpriced. And since DLC has no DEMOS... if people dont read reviews they'll get robbed with overpriced "Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot" alike DLC.

4. Despite the success that Bordelands 1 had on PC, you still have to use an external cofing tool made by people outside Gearbox to make the game usable, like yuo said: FOV, Mouse, Menus. They should at least patch the damn game before getting out Borderlands 2.

5. I blame Microsoft and its terrible business model for harming the industry and stealing gamers: Paid Patches, Paid DLC, Paid online multiplayer with ad filled dashboard, Paid avatar stupid crap, and more stuff I wont write.

6. I mentioned G4WL as it similar business model like the Live service on the 360. It uses the same model (Paid DLC: BioShock 2, Fallout 3), its terrible (a lot of technicals problems, like gamesaves and patch delivery) but also its a kind of DRM. Not to mention its the worst distribution system EVER made.

7. I mentioned Witcher series as the games not only were the bang for the buck at release price (days, not hours of fun gaming), but because free content was added for FREE, even years later and Project RED still make A LOT of money selling the damned games. Not to mention they are DRM FREE and they have polished the games till they shine in the dark. Borderlands 1, to this date, has unthinkable issues on PC.

8. PC "Certification" doesnt or shouldnt exist (I want to believe Microsoft doesnt charge for patches on G4WL). So fixing the games or adding Free content should not be expensive and fixing bugs shouldnt be a task for titans.

8. Borderlands 1 has, on top of Steam DRM, securom DRM on some DLC, which is hilarous, since Steam is already a DRM form and people had problems activating DLC. DRM FOR DLC: C'MON!!!

9. FEZ developers should have known that dealing with Microsoft could have problems. The main problem is Developers PAY for patches, CERTIFICATION in made and approved by Microsoft, and despite that, they released a patch with gamesaves corruption that should've flashed on certification process, now FEZ developers have to PAY again for the same patch with the fix. Ridiculous. Atrocious.

Thats it, bring it on! Beatnik
Avatar 33376
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