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The Secret World Leaderboard

One of the frustrations of being prominent in a secret society is all the secrecy, so Funcom has launched public beta testing of The Secret World Chronicle, an online leaderboard for The Secret World, their conspiratorial MMORPG. Here's the explanation from Ragnar Tørnquist:

I'm really happy and excited to announce the first public beta of a shiny new feature we've been working on (in total secrecy!) for the past couple of months:


Chronicle is a record -- a chronicle! -- of your character's journey through the secret world, and includes a character profile together with a collection of leaderboards covering both PvE and PvP.

We're launching our first public beta phase today, and everyone's invited! The service will remain in beta for the time being and contain a limited set of features, but Chronicle will continue to expand and grow together with our community and the game.

Chronicle allows you to look up character profiles on the net and, crucially, to size your character up against other players, everywhere. You can compare base profiles, and you can look up your friends and fellow cabalists and members of your secret society on the leaderboards to see who's ahead in what.

On your profile page, you can see a selection of your stats -- such as ability wheel completion, your weapon and talisman skills, equipped actives and passives, and talismans, deck completion, faction rank, cabal, and a bunch of other achievements and stats. Your profile is currently updated once every twenty-four hours.

On the leaderboards, you will be compared with players from across the world. We cap the lists at a low number, so you might not feature on all -- or any! -- of the leaderboards right now, but it will give you something to strive for, whether it's to compare yourself with friends and teammates, cabal members, your faction...or everyone. Hey, aim high! Think of the leaderboards as good, old-fashioned high-score lists.

Please note that your character must have been active within the past four days for the service to be activated. If you are having trouble finding your character, log into the game and log back out -- your character should now be updated on Chronicle.

This is just the beginning for Chronicle. We have a lot of great features planned, and we will be integrating the service more with the game and also, hopefully, with mobile devices and social networks in the future. We are going to add more stats, more features, more leaderboards, and more user control. We might also look at giving rewards tied to your status and standing on Chronicle.

This is still the first public beta phase for Chronicle, but we're making it accessible to everyone so that we can get your feedback and comments, and to allow you to start building your status and profile in The Secret World -- or to put it another way:

Start working on your own personal Chronicle!

Let us know what you think, and hopefully together we can shape Chronicle into an even better service as time goes on -- one that complements and enhances your enjoyment of the game, and your immersion into The Secret World.

Have fun, everyone!


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9. Re: The Secret World Leaderboard Jul 9, 2012, 16:39 Yakubs
No point, really, in looking for opinions on this game yet. Most MMOs have good early games. Let's wait a month and see if spending a couple weeks in the late-game counts as "refreshing" as well.  
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8. Re: The Secret World Leaderboard Jul 9, 2012, 16:06 Veterator
Well I played in beta and I made up on my mind on it after a week, played a little more and after about two weeks I was decided.

I just wanted to see if anyone had similar time frame decisions on the game.

It was pretty good, then as the zones went on I just found myself becoming less and less interested. Egypt was very dull imo. Zone after was a little better, but the layouts were just horrible, took ages to go anywhere due to the hills and barriers.
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7. Re: The Secret World Leaderboard Jul 9, 2012, 15:51 Vazz
I'm loving The Secret World. It's refreshing and fun. I also love the Fusang pvp zone(haven't tried the other ones yet). Most people that bash it either played it very little or not at all. I tried it for an hour(which is not giving it a chance at all since half that time is spent watching cutscenes in the beginning) for the first open beta weekend, didn't like it and stopped playing until the final beta weekend where I gave it another chance and played it for 9 hours and loved it. I never expected to buy this game but I'm glad I did.  
Avatar 55819
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6. Re: The Secret World Leaderboard Jul 9, 2012, 15:48 Steele Johnson
Again, if you just go to youtube and do a search on the game, it will reveal several gamer (not professional reviewer) video reviews and walkthroughs. You'll know if it's your kind of game or not just by watching. Personally, I find that this genre is way burnt to a crisp, so building a game like this at this point is a waste of money and resources.  
Avatar 12787
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5. Re: The Secret World Leaderboard Jul 9, 2012, 15:17 Jivaro
This game is polarizing. I see one of three comments when I read about this game. (paraphrasing of course)

1) It sucks! Sure, the person complaining might be specific about a certain graphics for example...but the bottom line is that the overall experience is "sucky".

2) It is awesome! It tries to do something different, it isn't elves and orcs, and the lore is basically spilling out from everywhere you go. It has its rough spots, as any new MMO does, but it isn't the same old same old....and apparently...that makes it awesome.

3) Since everyone and their uncle from World of Warcraft didn't bail on Azeroth to go try the game out because it is not elves and orcs, and thus don't have an opinion, it must suck. I mean clearly, if all the other sheeple in the world haven't tried it, then nobody else should. er..right?

But in all seriousness, it is interesting how polarizing it is. Just in my small little piece of the world social network I have friends who agree on just about every game ever..and yet they can't even agree on the quality of the tutorial in Secret World...let alone the game as a whole.

I have gotten a guest pass of sorts that I will be giving a go round in the next few curiosity is high. It might suck, it might be awesome...but I have to admit..there is a part of me that very much likes the idea that there is a MMO out there that didn't try to make a gameworld that strives to appeal to EVERYONE. It has a target audience and that is who they seem to be developing the game for...much like CCP has done with Eve. That doesn't mean I will like the game, but as rare as that is...I respect it. Do I still have to respect it if it sucks? lol
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4. Re: The Secret World Leaderboard Jul 9, 2012, 14:59 zodden
Its a very good game. Having fun with it. The quests are fun, the server I am on feels crowded all the time and the skill set build thing is very good.

Combat is also fun. Haven't tried PvP yet.
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3. Re: The Secret World Leaderboard Jul 9, 2012, 14:46 Total-Khaos
Since my post is only the third one, that tells me interest in this game is severely lacking. Guess I'll pass for now...  
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2. Re: The Secret World Leaderboard Jul 9, 2012, 13:54 Bopper
Sort of. I think this is more due to the fact that I am bored of sandbox style mmo's. That and my "gaming community" that has guilds in almost all online games does not have a guild active in TSW due to lack of interest.

I am sure the game will be F2P within 6 months but that doesn't mean it is bad. It at least tries to do something new. It will keep me distracted until GW2 at least.
- Boppa
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1. Re: The Secret World Leaderboard Jul 9, 2012, 11:56 Veterator
Anyone out there buy it and have the new shiny wear off for you yet? It's been out a little over a week now I think?

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