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Final Secret World Beta Weekend

Funcom announces this weekend will be the final weekend beta event for The Secret World, their upcoming conspiratorial MMORPG. They say this will be the game's largest beta weekend yet, and to ensure this, they are promising access to everyone who signs up on The Secret World Website before the event kicks off on Friday, as well as everyone who has previously signed up and other Funcom customers. Here's the deal:

Your secret society needs you! On June 22nd at 9am PDT (16:00 GMT / 18:00 CEST / noon EDT) the fourth, biggest and final Beta Weekend for The Secret World kicks off, offering a preview of the epic conflict between the three secret societies: the Illuminati, the Dragon and the Templars. The Beta Weekend will run until June 24th at 11.59pm PDT (Monday June 25th, 06:59 GMT / 08:59 CEST / 2.59am EDT).

This marks the first public opening of the massive, persistent player vs. player war zone where over two hundred players clash in adrenaline-fueled battles for power and world domination! Stonehenge and Eldorado are also opening up, allowing smaller groups of players to fight for control over the power held within these legendary locations.

In addition to all these exciting, new player vs. player experiences, all content from the previous Beta Weekends will be available. Your character progress from previous Beta Weekends carries over to this event, so you can continue your adventures in Kingsmouth, The Savage Coast, The Polaris and Hell Raised! You can also visit London, New York and Seoul to enjoy the Templars, Illuminati and Dragon starter experiences.

This is the final Beta Weekend before launch on July 3rd and we are ending with a bang. Everyone who has ever registered for The Secret World beta will get access to this final Beta Weekend. This is also true for anyone who has not registered yet but still registers by Friday, June 22nd. Players who were part of any of the previous Beta Weekends as well as certain other Funcom customers (including but not limited to current and previous Age of Conan subscribers) will also be given access. Everyone who is eligible will receive an e-mail in the next few days. If you have not already registered to join The Secret World beta we suggest that you do so to be sure you get in.

You can sign up for the beta using the form on the right side of the page on

Are you ready to step up and join the fight?

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8. Re: Final Secret World Beta Weekend Jun 20, 2012, 10:13 Angrius Maximis
This game needs another year in the over its terrible  
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7. Re: Final Secret World Beta Weekend Jun 20, 2012, 07:13 Ozmodan
I don't trust funcom. So I will sit this out and see how people like it.  
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6. Re: Final Secret World Beta Weekend Jun 20, 2012, 06:51 Sempai
Anarchy Online 2.

Ok, let's get on that Funcom.
Avatar 33180
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5. Re: Final Secret World Beta Weekend Jun 20, 2012, 05:07 WyldKat
Frijoles wrote on Jun 19, 2012, 23:23:
Any here try it? I've not heard good things about this game.

I did.

Overall, the combat is really, really boring. The combat mechanics are either put five pips on a target and then do a finisher or put five pips on yourself and do a finisher. So essentially, it feels like you're playing a WoW/Rift Rogue no matter what weapon you go with, they just have different eye candy. Fanboys told me it gets better at higher level and after they opened up the last tier in the last beta I tried some of them. I picked up a turret thinking it might be as cool as my Guild Wars 2 Engineer turrets but turns out it's a finisher that lasts for 5 seconds at MOST. >.> They also last beta put in a dodge roll that was straight up stolen from GW2 but doesn't work nearly as good. Oh and you can only dodge roll once every 20 seconds, many times it doesn't even go off.

It's also important to note that last BWE nearly broke my computer. While playing it hardlocked my system, upon reboot I was bluescreening on boot. That was fun fixing... Creating a new character crashed every time before I could finish it. Cutscenes suddenly didn't have any dialogue. None of these issues existed the first beta, so typical Funcom lack of polish and total ineptitude regarding patching exists in Secret World.

They also showed a sample of the cash shop, yes, a cash shop in a game you're paying $15/mo for. The majority of it is all clothing items, which you might think hey that's fine, it's just cosmetic right? Well if you want a leather jacket you're either going to be farming a couple MILLION of the in-game Secret World bucks or shelling out real cash, so it seems like they're trying to strong-arm people into buying their clothes on the cash shop... in a pay to play game.

The three things I did like about the game were the environment art, lore/story, and investigation missions. Environments looked great but characters themselves look creepy, especially when they started talking. The story was pretty interesting, although a bit cliche in parts and people didn't seem to react realistically to horrible shit going down, turning the atmosphere from a horror game into an Abbot and Costello Meets Frankenstein comedy romp. The investigation missions had you hunting down clues, some of them needing real life research (unless assholes in chat spoiled it for you, or you were lazy and googled the walkthrough) The thing is... there were 3 of them in the first beta area and they were completely disabled in the last beta. The MAJORITY of quests are kill/fetch quests... bleh.

So, bottom line? Save your money. It will be Free2Play eventually. I firmly believe the people buying the game and these "lifetime" subscriptions are merely subsidizing the game development costs with the overall goal to go free2play. The foundation is already there and is already beating you in the face like a shady Eastern Free2Play game.

Another interesting thing to consider... You can typically judge the overall interest in a game by looking at the number of subscribers in a particular games sub-Reddit. So here are the breakdowns for a few MMOs.

WoW - 43,579
GW2 - 30,140
SWTOR - 26,397
Rift - 2,737
TSW - 736

I also noticed on the TSW forums last beta weekend that posting traffic was much, MUCH lower than the first beta weekend.
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4. Re: Final Secret World Beta Weekend Jun 20, 2012, 00:47 Veterator
Been in beta for a couple weeks, maybe closer to a month.

I don't feel it's ready for release, and that sentiment is expressed daily in the chat channels by others.

They break things each patch, fix it and break something else.

It has some good ideas, and some of it's even interesting. But the UI, laginess, repeat broken/fixed/broken bugs, and general quirkiness of the game gets really old really fast.

I wouldn't buy the game because Funcom has a history of bug filled releases and this game looks to be no different, especially with the release being only weeks away and it being as glitchy as it is.

Plus they keep nerfing or locking things due to PVP, and that stuff absolutely drives most MMO players insane. I expect it to keep happening as more and more people use exploitative combos and even more people complain. Lots of people spoke about basically one-shotting people in PVP... harken back to Age of Conan decapitation insta-kills.

I am wondering what it will take for Funcom to change their ways at this point....third MMO is much like the others (deficient at release compared to other MMOs released by similarly well known'd be an awesome FIRST mmo for a new company but a poor third offering from a company with a history of problematic MMOs). Could be good, but it'll take another year post-release probably to get it somewhat stable (not so much crashing as more "fixed" and working properly game wise).

Really want to try guild wars 2 at this point since it's the last MMO I'd before Planetside 2 I'd even consider, but not going to pay to try and find out I don't care for it. Done doing that crap with MMOs.

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3. Re: Final Secret World Beta Weekend Jun 19, 2012, 23:53 Illumin
Played it for an hour or two tested all the weapons/ skills thought it was pretty boring, very jerky movement, graphics are eh... if it goes free to play I probably still wouldn't touch it. Was in the beta weekend and never thought twice about playing again once I stopped.
Avatar 21440
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2. Re: Final Secret World Beta Weekend Jun 19, 2012, 23:31 Keith
I've got a buddy that has been playing the beta and really seems to enjoy it. I don't particularly care for the skill system as it's been explained to me (no levels, points in this or that skill tree), but the theme of the game sound interesting. I'd like to see a lot more Anarchy Online-ish and a lot less Conan-ish.  
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1. Re: Final Secret World Beta Weekend Jun 19, 2012, 23:23 Frijoles
Any here try it? I've not heard good things about this game.  
Avatar 6700
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