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Diablo III Hotfixes

The list of Diablo III Hotfixes reflects a couple of bug fixes that went live a couple of days ago in Blizzard's action/RPG sequel:

  • Players can no longer gain achievements they have not earned by joining a Public Game with someone who has earned those achievements
  • Monks can no longer infinitely stack the damage buff from Combination Strike by changing weapons.

33. Re: Diablo III Hotfixes Jun 14, 2012, 15:13 Alamar
AngelicPenguin wrote on Jun 14, 2012, 14:59:
Verno wrote on Jun 14, 2012, 14:56:
No, it's not the elites per se. It's how they can go from being a fun battle that requires a bit of care to instant death with no opportunity to manage the situation (or should I say "play").

That's exactly what is wrong with the pack affixes right now, some are literally unbeatable when your combine their base mob abilities with the affixes. The terrain you're fighting on makes a big difference too, generally lack of ability to kite will mean death. It's not something you ever really outgear either which makes it a pretty annoying balance issue.

Well except the chap said he only got midway through nightmare. I don't recall it being much of a challenge at all at that point. Maybe he could post what skills he is using? Because I don't think nightmare is really that gear dependent.

The entire game, including normal, is gear dependent... It's just more of a requirement in later difficulties/acts... Some people truly have bad luck with drops, and have trouble on fights in Normal... I know, it's crazy to even imagine ; )

It's also avoidance dependent...

Frozen orbs are launched long before they blow... Move earlier...
Arcane balls are launched long before they 'shoot'... Move earlier...
Molten/Desecration... Watch for it, and move as soon as it touches you... Especially when Jailer or Waller are involved...
Fire Chains... Move often... Don't ever be the monkey in the middle...
Mortar... Is meant to be fought in melee range... If you're purely offensively geared, you're likely already ranged, so you can outrange it, with lots of kiting... But if not, or if melee, get up and personal... Unless they're ranged mobs, because those fuckers will spread out and mortar you from 3 sides... In which case, use corners : )

Some other affixes make the above harder, like vortex with arcane... When there are 3-6 beams down, and you get sucked right into the middle, there's nothing you can do (depending on your OP abilities and mashing/lag timings), except... you guessed it... move earlier... For vortex, don't let the mobs stand in desecration/arcane areas...

Thing is... most of the combinations people complain about, I giggle (yes, like a school girl) at, because I want those easy combinations (which just means I know how to avoid them)...

And that's not to disregard the comment about space... When I enter a cave, and the very first pack, practically in view of the door, has affixes that need space to avoid, well, I die a little inside...

Avatar 22996
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