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Game Reviews

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1. Re: Game Reviews Jun 5, 2012, 22:39 Dmitri_M
MP3 is a mixed bag. It's not as good as the originals. I want to like it though.

Controls are odd, my character seems to move in 1 to 2 meter increments as animations insist on completing. Half a second delays between certain run-walk crouch-stand transitions. It's better to use a cover system when approaching a corner since the reduced accuracy means if you try to position yourself right on the corner by moving to it you'll often slide past and get shot. Initially I thought this was a Rockstar engine issue rather than a design choice to make the animations visually smooth. I don't think players will mind seeing jumps between animations as a compromise to make the game more responsive though. I remember GTA feeling more responsive though I could be wrong. Maybe the designers only tested the title with a gamepad which perhaps doesn't highlight the response issues as much.
As a result of all this I often find it easier to hang back and camp the AI to death rather than the charging in guns blazing like I'd do in MP1 and MP2. Which is really strange because those titles were so good at it.

The camera has a life of it's own. One minute it's zooming into characters I'm shooting, the next it's popping back and Max is lying in an odd position on the ground. Jarring experience.

As mentioned everywhere way way too many cutscenes. I might have been "playing" for 2 hours but in actuality it's closer to an hour in 1 minute gameplay segments. You don't feel like you're playing levels, rather only the individual shoot-outs. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I like to feel like I'm playing a complete map, and I like the bits between shoot outs where I'm exploring and building tension prior to the next shoot out. Just when I start enjoying it CUTSCENE! Some of which are so short I cannot understand why they interrupted the gameplay to begin with. Often they'll suddenly cut to an NPC partner and just show him walking. I'd like to walk too! Rather than watch him walk.. It's unusual playing a shooting game without ever being aware of how many bullets or health I have since the game never let's you rest to check. I've found myself trapped in bullet time with no ammo and the game simply waiting for me to die. Peculiar. Design decision not to have skippeble cutscenes is understandable. If you could skip cutscenes you'd essentially be teleporting between tiny levels each one or two corridors\gangways\alleys long. I notice a loading icon during some of the longer cutscenes. Surely the PC can handle levels larger than this? The geometric detail is on the lowend. I remember some really distinct complete levels in MP1. Ragnarok. Outer entrace, lobby, the dance floor, the bar, going backstage. Their engine or their lead platforms can't handle a single large level? There's one "map" with a stadium which I now realise is essentially a few short areas split with multiple cutscenes. That's pretty sad.

Tony Scott\Man on Fire jump cut compositing effects are nauseating. The designers of this title are clearly frustrated film directors, they must also be about 19 years old and have only started watching films in the past 5 years. Next time use decent films as a reference. Not those that feature 1 second shot lengths and endless freeze frame insets.

Excellent engine graphically. It runs extremely well maxed out on my gaming laptop with a 570m (equivalent to a desktop 560TI). Oddly there seemed to be a reduced amount of particles. It was something the original MP engine was good at but here other than glass or the occasional stack of papers there doesn't seem to be much in the way of flying debris.

Game will not launch if you own a Wacom tablet. You need disable\enable the Wacom's tablet service via administrative tools to get it running.

I still like the Max Payne character, they've kept him close to the original. Though often I sit there watching silly cutscenes making as many jaded remarks as he does wishing they'd end. It's no wonder Max is a boozehound having to stumble through all these abrupt cutscenes.

Overall it seems a really jarring gameplay experience.

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