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New DayZ Mod

The DayZ Mod Website now offers a new version of this mod for Arma II that's caused such a sensation. This tweet mentions the update, which brings the mod to version Thanks Shok.

1. Re: New DayZ Mod May 22, 2012, 11:51 Shok
I forgot to mention he changed a lot of things. Enabling the body temperature status, getting infected, etc:

HOTFIX : 21 MAY 2012
Affected addons:
* dayz_code

* [FIXED] Loosing temperature way too fast
* [FIXED] Not enough wood available for spawn
* [FIXED] Matches way too rare
* [FIXED] Reduced impact of infection (coughing amount and blood loss, will only loose 2000 blood)

HOTFIX : 21 MAY 2012
Affected addons:
* dayz_code

UPDATE : 21 MAY 2012
Affected addons:
* dayz_code 1.5.8
* dayz_equip 1.2.4
* dayz_sfx 1.1.1
* dayz 1.2.5
* dayz_weapons 1.1.1

Developer's Note:


* This is a pretty major update. I don't really know what affect the new sickness and temperature system will have on player behavior especially with antibiotics being so scarce.
* It is the genesis of an idea, so please remember this might cause havoc. You need to be careful.
* To light a fire, you need matches and wood in your inventory. Place more wood in the inventory of a fireplace to keep the fire going.
* A fire that does not have wood in it will go out when you try to light it.
* You can tell you have an infection, because your character will start coughing. The infection causes you to loose blood down to a minimum of 6000. This leaves you with reduced blood until you take antibiotics.

* [NEW] Server cleanup system replaced with a more agressive one
* [NEW] Inventory Interaction system (right-click on items in gear screen to bring up interactions)
* [NEW] Temperature System now implemented (effects are limited)
* [NEW] Chance of catching an infection the lower your temperature
* [NEW] Chance of catching an infection from already infected players
* [NEW] Water can be filled in ponds, all water pumps, wells, but not the sea
* [NEW] Forced disconnection saving for abort and alt+F4
* [NEW] Zombie's will investigate player deaths
* [NEW] Adrenaline rush from panicing causes greately increased hunger for a while
* [NEW] Bandaging Sound when bandaging yourself/someone
* [NEW] Coughing sound when you have an infection
* [NEW] Camera Shake when temperature drops extremely low
* [NEW] PROTIP: Use Global Chat/VOIP in populated areas
* [NEW] Fire requires wood to keep burning
* [NEW] Various Loot spawn balancing changes
* [FIXED] Should not be pellets for the Winny
* [FIXED] Whinny is way to powerful and quiet (mmmm your tears will be delicious)
* [FIXED] Helicopter loot despawning too fast
* [FIXED?] Too many zombies for the Carebears to be able to play
* [FIXED] Fog is way too thick
* [FIXED] Climbing a ladder with a pistol will cause you to fall
* [FIXED] Zombies not attracted to Flares and Chemlights
* [FIXED] Panic noises going apeshit all the time
* [FIXED] Zombie spotted alert far too quiet (increased slightly)
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