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Op Ed

Blend Gaming - Diablo 3's Launch Fiasco Proves Video Game Journalism Fails.
These journalists should be informing readers as to why consumers are angry, why gamers are peeved and why those 0/10 review scores are the way they are. Reading through most comments give you a clear picture that first-adopters don't mind that there's a delay, they don't even mind that servers are down, however they do mind that the game boasts a single-player mode you can't play without constantly being connected to the internet. It's no different than being forced to watch a DVD or Blu-Ray from your player while always being online. Yes, most people are connected online one way or another, but if you want to watch a movie at your own leisure then that's what you paid for. This is not the case with Diablo III, you cannot play the game whenever you want; you can only play the game when Blizzard allows you to.

66. Re: Op Ed May 20, 2012, 13:23 eunichron
Verno wrote on May 20, 2012, 12:35:
BDiablo is all about collecting crazy items and without those I might as well be playing WoW. This is a good example of what people are talking about on the forums.

The guy makes a really good point, but the "crazy loot" doesn't really start until Inferno... and the vast majority of people aren't even on Hell difficulty yet. That is something I don't agree with as the difficulty of Inferno is flat out ridiculous, and I see most players probably finishing Nightmare and maybe Hell, but when they see Inferno they'll just retreat, which means that the vast majority of players won't even see the new loot, set items, and the best legendary items (unless they get them off the AH).

One thing he is forgetting is that there are class specific attributes that are only found on class specific items; primarily resource regeneration. So, while a Wizard can use a giant 2h sword, it will more than likely be optimal for them to use a wand and focus with boosts to arcane power. I have also noticed that crafted class specific items generally have more of a chance of getting stats beneficial to that class rather than crafting generic rare and common items.

I think one thing Blizzard went for is they just wanted to balance the economy. Rare and Uniques in Diablo 2 were ubiquitous because you could just load up on magic find and run Pindleskin for 3 hours and end up with several great rares and a few uniques. For Diablo 3 they've already confirmed that random named mobs will have a higher chance to drop rare and legendary items than bosses, and at level 60 there is the Nephalem Valor buff which increases your magic find every time you kill a boss without changing your skills (if you change your skills at any time the buff resets). So, I'd give it some more time as more people make it into higher difficulties and max level to see what happens with the item economy.

Also, I disagree about Witch Doctor, I love many of his abilities, and they also have some of the highest damage abilities (Poison Dart + Splinters rune, and Firebats + Dire Bat rune) of any class. Once they reach level 40 and get the Vision Quest passive they can spam those abilities ad nauseam without any chance running out of mana. Combine that with Soul Harvest and Spirit Walk (along with Smoke Screen, two of the best defensive abilities of any class), once they hit level 40 they are the most overpowered class in the game.
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