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Op Ed

Blend Gaming - Diablo 3's Launch Fiasco Proves Video Game Journalism Fails.
These journalists should be informing readers as to why consumers are angry, why gamers are peeved and why those 0/10 review scores are the way they are. Reading through most comments give you a clear picture that first-adopters don't mind that there's a delay, they don't even mind that servers are down, however they do mind that the game boasts a single-player mode you can't play without constantly being connected to the internet. It's no different than being forced to watch a DVD or Blu-Ray from your player while always being online. Yes, most people are connected online one way or another, but if you want to watch a movie at your own leisure then that's what you paid for. This is not the case with Diablo III, you cannot play the game whenever you want; you can only play the game when Blizzard allows you to.

63. Re: Op Ed May 20, 2012, 12:35 Verno
Been playing a shitload of D3, my thoughts below:

- Character customization is done pretty well, the rune system needs some tweaks but overall is pretty good.

- Hardcore mode is pointless, the average server latency on a FiOS connection is still as high as 200-250ms. You find yourself frequently taking hits that you have dodged locally on your screen. They really need to fix up the netcode a bit there, it's a common complaint on the forums.

- The class balance is really off. Witch Doctor for example has several abilities that are essentially useless even considering niche situations. The Demon Hunter on the other hand has one mediocre ability and everything else is so good you'll have trouble setting on a build.

- The maps are a lot smaller and more linear. There is more detail and I love the physics stuff they did in the maps but some of the act maps are very short (Act 3/4 especially).

- Bosses were lame, the champion packs are much harder. Can't sugarcoat this one, they are just simple affairs that don't require any thought or strategy even on higher diffs. The real difficulty in the game is now in the random packs you see in the world.

- The story is very poor and predictable. Less is more with this franchise's setting, they should have gone with the Diablo 2 approach to story telling.

Also the loot is really boring. They really really messed up here and this will hurt the longevity of the game if they don't fix it. There are no interesting items that add abilities or let you build out a really specific character. At best there are a few "low chance to freeze things". You basically just iterate slightly on your main damage stat and add vitality, that's it. It's super boring once you're into Hell.

Diablo is all about collecting crazy items and without those I might as well be playing WoW. This is a good example of what people are talking about on the forums.

The game itself is fun and I already got my moneys worth from it so I have no regrets. The online stuff has been discussed to death so I don't have anything to add to it. I can't see myself playing this more than a few weeks though, the loot variety to drive that sort of poopsocking just isn't there.

Playing: Pillars of Eternity 2, Far Cry 5, Persona 5
Watching: Safe, Game Night, Last Flag Flying
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