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Op Ed

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Why The Problem With Diablo Isn’t Diablo.
We have to demand a standard of quality and dedication from these things. If we try to paint complaints about Diablo III’s loudly reverberating server-side-down bellyflop as entirely immature, wrong, and entitled, we’re basically saying, “Look, everyone else! We’re totally OK with this.” I mean, Diablo III’s almost assuredly sold millions of units by this point. If widespread rage then proves relatively short-lived, I have to imagine that looks like pretty much all upside to, say, Tim Willits or even devs/pubs whose intentions aren’t quite so benevolent or design-focused. Piggy banks are happy, and customers are happy. What more do you need?


34. Re: Op Ed May 18, 2012, 19:06 Flatline
Slashman wrote on May 18, 2012, 17:52:
xXBatmanXx wrote on May 18, 2012, 17:07:
One thing that interests me is more info behind this "lag". I had 1 rubber band issue for a split second that was more funny than anything, but 23 hours in 3 days is pretty solid. My pc is 5 years old, running a dual core with a 8800 640MB card. I by no means have a machine to the caliber that most have my settings are all med or high.

I wonder where the bottle neck is? I live in MPLS so my pipe for the 'nets is HUGE. In 7 years at my current place, I think I was without 'nets for MAYBE an hour total. So what is the problem? Am I just lucky? Do I play at odd times (23 hours in 3 days, I was all over the place). What is it?

They are early out of the gate, and I look forward to knowing more. If it didn't work, I would be pretty bummed, that is for sure.

Nice posts Creston and others. The conversations are getting good.

The lag isn't going to affect people with great connections. That it will affect people with spotty connections is a given.

Most of the people who are saying they have smooth play are people who have decent connections. Broadband in the US is pretty widespread and easy to get. I can only imagine what the game is like for people who live in areas where they literally cannot get a decent connection consistently.

I'd probably be able to play it decently, but even though I have an OK connection where I live, there are people not too far from me who have crappy internet and have no real alternative(I live on a small island).

In the end, there is absolutely no real reason to not have an offline mode.

I was getting noticeable lag on a 15mbps down 2 up connection. It was running around 350 ms and was showing yellow on the connection meter. I'd rubber band at least once or twice a minute, bad guys would spontaneously explode because my hireling would run over and kill it during the lag.
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