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Op Ed

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Why The Problem With Diablo Isn’t Diablo.
We have to demand a standard of quality and dedication from these things. If we try to paint complaints about Diablo III’s loudly reverberating server-side-down bellyflop as entirely immature, wrong, and entitled, we’re basically saying, “Look, everyone else! We’re totally OK with this.” I mean, Diablo III’s almost assuredly sold millions of units by this point. If widespread rage then proves relatively short-lived, I have to imagine that looks like pretty much all upside to, say, Tim Willits or even devs/pubs whose intentions aren’t quite so benevolent or design-focused. Piggy banks are happy, and customers are happy. What more do you need?


21. Re: Op Ed May 18, 2012, 15:00 Bhruic
What Diablo 3 proves is that if it's shiny enough, gamers will happily eat that shit sandwich in order to get it. So all publishers need to do is put something (proverbially) shiny in there, and then hide it with a bunch of bullshit marketing talk about how these are "features" designed to "make the game richer."

Again, despite prevailing opinions here, publishers aren't completely stupid. They know when they've got a smash-hit on their hands (something like Diablo 3), and when they've got something that's just going to be successful. If your game doesn't already have people salivating over buying it, throwing extra impediments in like requiring "always online" can drive away sales.

Case in point: The upcoming Sim City. I can guarantee you that there will be plenty of people going "But... it's Sim City! But the NEXT game, I'll be vocally opposed to it again!"

Well, sure, there are always people who vocally complain about things but that's the extent of their protest. That's true of all areas of life.

When Diablo 3 was announced with the always on requirement, I said I wouldn't buy it. And I haven't. But I've gotta say, it's damn tempting. Especially when you come on forums like this and read about lots of people having fun playing it (admittedly the connection problems help stop me, but those will almost certainly be temporary). I'm basically missing out on what sounds like an enjoyable game over a single game feature. At some point I'm going to ask myself if it's still worth it, and who knows what I'll decide at that point? At what point does it become a futile protest that's only punishing myself?

But don't complain three years down the road when a large number of games has this kind of bullshit attached to it. Because you (not you personally, just the people who put up with it) are the ones who enabled the industry to go that way by buying all the shiny things wrapped in shit.

That logic always struck me as suspect. It's like voting, people say "if you didn't vote, you don't have a right to complain". If millions of people vote, does my one vote really matter? In the same vein, does my not buying Diablo 3 really have any impact? If I were to buy it, would that be the tipping point that makes them decide the always on requirement is fine? Yeah, yeah, I know that it's a case of what mass people do rather than individuals, and that the mass is made up of individuals, so if everyone didn't buy the game, it'd have an impact. But that's making the assumption there are enough people who have a problem with it to make that impact. And that Blizzard would understand that's why people aren't buying it.

At the end of the day, people are spending their $60 and getting a game that they enjoy playing out of it.
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