Out of the Blue

I celebrated Cinco de Mayo in a non-traditional way, by attempting to get ahead of our decrepit lawn before we become the Malcolm in the Middle house of the neighborhood. If the (crab) grass had gotten any taller I'd probably start contemplating the move Anthony Hopkins' character pulled in The World's Fastest Indian of just dousing it all in gasoline and tossing a match to it. Hey, now I have a vision of cooking sides of beef on a lawn-sized fire. From Manstovia to Mantopia!

Utopian Links: Thanks Ant and Mike Martinez and Acleacius.
Play: Portal Panic.
Bobby Nutcase and the Acrobat Smashers.
Stories: Robber convicted after pants disguise fails. Thanks Neatorama.
Massive rise in Asian eye damage. Thanks
Drunk grandparents tow child in toy car. Thanks Neatorama.
Science: Aspirin is as 'good as warfarin' for most heart failure patients.
Two blind British men have electronic retinas fitted.
Nature-inspired materials could help camouflage.
Media: Fun Day at the Boat Launch.. Thanks The Flying Penguin.
Water Oscillations In Zero Gravity With Sound Waves.
Collie Herds Deer out of Town.
The Funnies: Brevity.
Follow-ups: Tomari shutdown leaves Japan without nuclear power. Thanks HARDOCP.
Bigger and brighter 'supermoon' graces the night sky.
Supermoon 2012.
Microsubmarines could clean oil spills, researchers say.
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For a good time, insert coin.


Was thinking the exact same thing lol
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