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Out of the Blue

Wow, the news is all about today being "Super Tuesday." I had no idea the mainstream media was so filled with Mass Effect 3 fans.

Super Links: Thanks Ant and Mike Martinez and Acleacius.
Play: Papa's Pancakeria.
Links: Recast Great TV Shows.
Stories: Fox Cancels Terra Nova. Got cancelled here during the pilot.
Science: DARPA Cheetah Sets Speed Record for Legged Robots. Thanks The Flying Penguin.
NASA’s robotic Project Morpheus aims for the Moon.
Fear Of Doctors Leads To Thousands Of 'Avoidable' Cancer Deaths.
Media: 10 Minutes Of "John Carter" Online.
Men In Black 3 - Trailer 2.
Follow-up: Brevity.
The myth of the eight-hour sleep.

37. Re: Out of the Blue Mar 6, 2012, 19:12 Veterator
Stole this list from other people's post and deleted what I don't watch. No particular order, although there are some I watch as soon as I get em saved.

- Archer - How much they screw with this shows scheduling pisses me off.

- Spartacus - Newest season is a different vibe than the first's good, just not as good.

- House of Lies - Decent show, some episodes are better than others.

- Dexter - Lots of ups and downs, I prefer a darker Dexter...he needs to get back to killing instead of having long rivalries each season.

- Homeland - Decent show, I put them off to watch a few at a time when it's airing.

- Fringe - Watch it every week, can't say I like this season as much as the others... If it ends up being truly canceled I'll be pissed since it's the best Sci-Fi show on Tv and I generally like their casting.

- Psych - Always good, they screw with it's airing too much.

- Lost Girl - Usually good, although they've been "building up" too much this season.

- New Girl - Good, Schmidt is probably the funniest on the show.

- Big Bang Theory - Used to like it more, anymore the shows feel repetitive.

- Person of Interest - Liked it more earlier in season, now there's too much going on with all the nemesis stuff going on.....might turn out to make the show better or might end up getting it canceled.

- The Good Wife - Seems to be slowing down...we'll see.

- Once Upon a Time - Kinda too kiddy on some episodes, but generally decent overall.

- How I Met Your Mother - Good, but I feel like this show is about to call it quits like they are wrapping it up.

- Walking Dead - As long as there is a few walkers in it each episode it seems to be pretty decent, but when they get into the "talk all the time" drags.

- Burn Notice - Good, but I agree it got pretty dull for awhile.

- Sons of Anarchy - Better in earlier seasons, too much inner plotting for my liking.

- Castle - Great show, some episodes more than others, but the bar for the show is much higher than most.

- Eureka - Thought it dragged, but hopefully it is really good in the last few episodes they give it.

- Justified - He needs to shoot more bad guys, because those ends up being the best episodes...

- Glades - Good, not great.

- Covert Affairs - Good, could be great but the family drama stuff is meh.

- Royal Pains - Solid good show, nothing particularly noteworthy, just a good show.

- Fairly Legal - Was good for it's first season, we'll see on rest.

- Warehouse 13 - Second best sci-fi on tv, it has tie ins with may be a way to keep "Eureka" alive. Plus I like the whole idea of the show with the artifacts having powers and the general weirdness of the casting.

- Vampire Diaries - Lower end of good, something to watch. Sometimes interesting is best I can say about it.

- Sanctuary - Good, the show does too much. I'd prefer to see more characters rather than special FX and super-ginormous invasions, etc.

- Napoleon Dynamite - All the people from the movie (mostly) in cartoon form.

- Unsupervised - This show is surprisingly funny, the kid who works at the dump is great.

- True Blood - Im a fan of the books......the TV show has it's moments of being better but generally I find myself disappointed.

- Being Human - Brit show and US show, good.

- Californication - Nudity, sometimes funny.

- Shameless - This is a great show, it's just nuts.

- 2 Broke Girls - Probably my favorite comedy and one of my favorite shows on TV at the moment. Couple good looking girls, one who makes off color marks all the time.

- Blue Bloods - Good cop show.

- Southland - Better cop show.

- Breaking In- It got uncanceled so it's coming back.

- Breaking Bad - Last season, probably be one of the best shows to ever air.

- Community - I think they are cancelling it, but this is a really good show.

- Cougar Town -'s pretty consistent so if you see one and like it, you'll probably like most.

- Game of Thrones - Excellent show, big fan of the books (at least all but the last couple)

- Grimm - Mythology type show, I like these.

- Happy Endings - Funny...has Elisha Cuthbert and a Wayan in it.

- Haven - No idea if this show is coming back, but I thought it had a really good story going.

- Memphis Beat - Cop Show, more funny than serious.

- Misfits - Brit show, kids with super powers. They lost most of their cast this season, but their first season was awesome.

- Raising Hope - Good show, the grandma on there cracks me up.

- The Finder - New show, and I think it's pretty good. The guy's talent is finding things and he's a little whacked out in the head.

- The League - Fantasy football based comedy...I don't care for sports but this show is just hilarious.

- Mentalist - I like the show, I wish it would move along faster though on some stories.

Family Guy, Cleveland Show, American Dad - When I I've ran out of other shows.

Craig Ferguson - When Im out of Family Guy or someone I like is on.

Long list, Im sure I missed a few. But I saw some of you had a number of shows I capture when they come on whenever. So figured I'd pass on a longer list.

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