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Timothee Besset Leaves id

TTimo's blog has word from Timothee Besset that he's left id Software, where he began as their Linux port maintainer in 2001. His new Dallas-area gig will be in gaming, but not another first-person shooter. He also indicates he was not one of the recently announced layoffs at the RAGE developer, saying: "I resigned from id earlier this week," somewhat cryptically following that with: "Folks who know me well were not terribly surprised, but I suppose I need to put that out there officially." Thanks Ant via LinuxGames.

24. Re: Timothee Besset Leaves id Feb 1, 2012, 09:38 WaltC
DanteUK wrote on Feb 1, 2012, 05:10:
Definitely not too young and been in IT for 30 years.
Personally I loved Rage and it worked out the box on my PC, but then I've an old Nvidia card and not a new ATI card where ATI screwed up on their driver releases. I fail to see how id can be blamed so much for a bad PC port when the biggest issues where caused by ATI releasing a driver with the wrong .dll's in it!

The original Rage instructions on how to run the game without texture popping (setting the texture preload to 8192, etc.) were published on the nVidia site, by nVidia, not on the ATi site. Hopefully, I don't have to tell you that nVidia did not place those instructions on its web site for the benefit of ATi users...;) In fact, there were references in the Steam forums for ATi users to follow to the nVidia site for just that reason--to set their game configs to minimize texture popping, along with nVidia owners. There were plenty of nVidia-user complaints in the Steam forums early on. I read them.

Also, how old is your "old nVidia card," anyway? It should not surprise you to learn that people with with, say, GF 8800-level cards are running D3d 8.1 hardware--so even if you are running the latest drivers from nVidia your hardware maxes out at displaying DX8.1 effects, etc. Same is true for older ATi cards. Rage is an OpenGL game, so DX8.1 is roughly analogous to OpenGL 2.x in terms of the hardware effects it supports.

From what I gathered, people with older nVidia and ATi hardware, running older API hardware, had less problems running the game from the start than did people with newer hardware--especially newer ATi hardware. But then, people with "old cards" wouldn't be expecting to see state of the art graphics in Rage anyway--so right from the start their expectations for Rage display would be much lower. Obviously, for people to be running 8800-level, DX8.1 hardware in today's DX9/10/11 gaming software universe, it goes without saying that the quality of their rendered graphics is of relatively low concern for them...;) The first versions of D3d 9.x shipped in ~2001, which should provide some idea of how old Dx8.1/OpenGL2.x hardware really is.

I'll repeat, the game was very playable and looked great on my PC from day of install - my rig is NOT a top of the range, in fact my Nvidia card I think is THE min spec card listed on the box! A couple of tweaks to the config file and unless I span 180 really fast I never saw any texture popping.

OK, there you go--the texture popping "fix" you obviously saw on the nVidia site, too, since you used it. Later patches to the game from id eliminated the need for this fix--it shouldn't have been needed in the first place. How *old* is you card, anyway? I'm always amused when people running 3d cards that first shipped ten years ago tell me how gorgeous their new games look on the older hardware--because I know that's only because they haven't checked out the current 3d hardware which is *much* better...;)

Let me guess--you are also a megatexture fan in that you either like, or at least don't mind, blurry, low-res textures? I agree that's a matter of opinion and a value judgment, but to be truthful about it, few people have any difficulty at all discerning the blurry texture from the crystal clear texture when you place them side by side.

Yes Rage wasn't great, but it was very playable and I completed it 3 times before moving on to Skyrim for 100s of hours.

Good for you...;)

I will say this. Skyrim is a 100 times bigger in scope etc than Rage, but during all my play time with Rage it NEVER crashed to desktop once!! Skyrim has crashed to desktop so many times I've lost count, it's also produced a bluescreen of death 3 times - actually the first time I've seen that on Windows 7!

Uh-oh--I'd start looking at that "old nVidia card" if I was you. Seriously. Come on--is your nVidia card really *that* old? Now you've got me curious...;) I've yet to get a CTD or a BSD with Skyrim, but then I'm running a hardware DX11 3d card--ATi, no less, w/o mods and w/o overclocking of any kind!

In terms of graphics, I loved Rages views and vista and texture on the NPC's etc was great, some game world objects and surfaces looked crap but then I've never played a game yet where there wasn't some surface or texture that looked low res because it was wrapped around some object strangely. The fact that Rages views had no repeating textures was really noticeable when switching to Skyrim! still I dread to think of the install size of Skyrim if the world was done using a Mega Texture!

Yea, I'm sure megatextures bloated Rage beyond belief...;) I really, really think you need a new 3d card, sir! Good time to invest in one, I'd say.

I know it's fashionable now to bash id, but Rage ( at least on most Nvidia setups ) didn't suck - was fun - looked great.

I't not just fashionable--it's fun. The day I see an original, thought-provoking game out of id software free of mutants, pentagrams and demons--free of Hell, even--will be the day that I will gladly agree that id has turned the corner. Old 3d cards are like B movies and id software games, I think--it's easy to get comfortable with them until you realize the rest of the world has passed you by.

Also--has id finished with the Rage "hi-res" megatexture patch--or are they still trying to figure out how to do that? I liked Carmack and pals much better when the PC was the company's focus--but still, even then, id's utter lack of originality was astounding.

Avatar 16008
It is well known that I do not make mistakes--so if you should happen across a mistake in anything I have written, be assured that I did not write it!
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