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Op Ed - Shooters only need eight guns.
At last count, Borderlands contains over 17.5 million color-coded, procedurally generated firearms. The gun population of planet Pandora outnumbers the individual populations of Cuba, Greece, Israel, and Switzerland. What the hell am I supposed to do with all that? I know we're talking about a loot drop game where the entire appeal lies in those loot drops, but outside of dollars, I don't need 17.5 million of anything. That's way, way, waaaaaaaay too much crap to ever constitute fun. Hell, even the comparatively modest arsenals of Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 quickly blur into one amorphous, nondescript mess.

Eight guns. That's all you really need. Maybe fewer. And imposing that kind of limitation will net you a better game to boot. Here's how.

35. Re: Op Ed Jan 8, 2012, 23:00 Jerykk
Did the developers sit down and say "We want to use modern day weapons, what do we have to do to do that?" or "We want to use a modern day setting, what do we have to do to do that?" Pretty obviously the latter. I doubt there's a FPS in existence (although who knows, there might actually be one or two) where the developers sat down and planned out what guns they were going to use before they planned anything else.

Again, it depends on the game. If you're working on an established franchise, you pretty much have to include the most popular weapons from the previous games. That's why every Quake game has a rocket launcher and why every Tribes game has a disc launcher and every UT game has the shock rifle. It doesn't matter what changes you made to the setting, these weapons have to be part of the game.

No they don't. A shotgun with +5% accuracy is not functionally different from a shotgun with +10% accuracy. The actual gun is still the same in both cases - a shotgun. You wouldn't (I would hope) suggest that a +1 Longsword and a +2 Longsword aren't both Longswords, so why try and make the distinction here?

So you're saying that if two weapons are of the same basic type, they are the same weapon? So an AK-47 is the same as an M4A1? A Desert Eagle is the same as an M9? They are not the same weapons. A difference in RoF, range, accuracy, damage or any other statistic makes them functionally different. Same class != same weapon.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be. If you asked people what makes a Quake game a Quake game, I doubt more than 1% would answer you with "a rocket launcher".

I'm really not sure what to say at this point. Have you ever played any of the Quake games? Have you ever played them online? If Quake 5 didn't have a rocket launcher, the fanbase would be in an uproar because the rocket launcher is a defining element of the series. The fact that you disagree with this is pretty baffling and suggests that you've never actually played any of the Quake games.

Again, no I wouldn't. And again, your blinders are showing. You're implying that the only difference between Halo and UT is the weapons. Anyone who's played both would wonder wtf you were smoking were you to make that claim to them.

You're implying that weapons are completely irrelevant and have no impact on gameplay. I'm saying this isn't true. Weapons are a fundamental part of the experience in any shooter. If Tribes: Ascend only had rapid-fire hitscan weapons, it would play completely differently than the previous games. If Quake 5 doesn't have a rocket launcher, railgun or lightning gun, it will play completely differently from the previous games. If UT4 had Halo's weapons, it would be completely different from the previous games.

This comment was edited on Jan 8, 2012, 23:08.
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