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Op Ed - Shooters only need eight guns.
At last count, Borderlands contains over 17.5 million color-coded, procedurally generated firearms. The gun population of planet Pandora outnumbers the individual populations of Cuba, Greece, Israel, and Switzerland. What the hell am I supposed to do with all that? I know we're talking about a loot drop game where the entire appeal lies in those loot drops, but outside of dollars, I don't need 17.5 million of anything. That's way, way, waaaaaaaay too much crap to ever constitute fun. Hell, even the comparatively modest arsenals of Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 quickly blur into one amorphous, nondescript mess.

Eight guns. That's all you really need. Maybe fewer. And imposing that kind of limitation will net you a better game to boot. Here's how.

30. Re: Op Ed Jan 8, 2012, 19:01 Jerykk
Probably. The appeal of CoD is in the frenetic gameplay, not the names of the guns. However, it's the setting that defined the guns, not the reverse. A game set in WWII will have (generally speaking) WWII-era weapons. A game set in modern times will have "real-world" guns. It's the time period that defines what guns are used.

While I agree that the setting generally defines what guns are used, I strongly disagree that the series would be as popular if it used fictional guns. One of the biggest reasons why military shooters are so popular is because they are familiar. Players get to use their favorite weapons from real-life. I'm pretty sure this is one of the reasons why CS became so popular. It was the first pseudorealistic shooter to offer such a wide array of real-world weapons. Rainbow Six and Delta Force came out before CS but they weren't nearly as accessible.

Luckily yes, as it doesn't have more than 10 weapons. It just has a bunch of various stats for its weapons.

Different stats are equivalent to different weapons. For example, almost all of the weapons in military shooters are just slight variations of one another. This one has a higher RoF, that one has higher accuracy, this one does more damage, etc. An M4A1 and an AK-47 are just slight variations of the same assault rifle archetype but they're still considered different weapons.

Sure, if I were playing a game called "Quake X", and it didn't have those, I wouldn't consider it any less a Quake game.

I'm pretty sure you'd be the only one to hold that opinion. A Quake game without a rocket launcher is not a Quake game. You seem to be neglecting the fact that weapons have a significant impact on how the game plays. If a game's arsenal consists of high RoF, hitscan weapons that can kill enemies in 1-3 hits, then the gameplay is going to be mostly cover-based. If a game revolves around weapons that fire relatively slow-moving projectiles and with a slow RoF, gameplay will be mostly run and gun.

Well, the translocator isn't a gun, but if we're stretching... Again, sure. There's no requirement for those items to be present for it to be a UT game.

Again, you'd be the only one to hold that opinion. What you're basically saying is that you could take Halo, change the name to UT2012 and that alone would be enough to qualify it as a UT game. Most fans would disagree.

This comment was edited on Jan 8, 2012, 19:13.
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