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Arkham City Patched

Steam News announces a new patch is now automatically available for Batman: Arkham City that's now live in Rocksteady's superhero sequel. This includes some DirectX 11 fixes, but also warns that until further notice users should not run the game in DirectX 11 mode under either Windows Vista 32 bit and Windows 7 32 bit. Here is the list of major changes:

  • Performance / hitching issues have been greatly improved for running in DX 11.
  • An issue with players running out of Video Memory or encountering a Rendering Thread Exceptions has been address. This was primarily affecting 32-bit Operating Systems.
  • A progression block after defeating Ra’s Al Ghul has been fixed. This was issue occurred primarily on lower end computer setups and described as Batman not readying his Reverse Batarang.
  • A crash that occurred when scrolling between the Character Bios and Arkham City Stories has been fixed.
  • A crash that occurred when selecting “Press Start” immediately when available at the Title Screen has been fixed. The issue was described as crashing/hard locking around the DLC (Downloadable Content) check.

4. Re: Arkham City Patched Dec 7, 2011, 11:34 StingingVelvet
necrosis wrote on Dec 7, 2011, 10:56:
I thoguth GfWL patched games too.

I don't fuck with GFWL's online aspects, so if it patching the game as well I wouldn't know. They always release GFWL game patches on their own as well.

Guess I'll wait to see if it pops up anywhere. I'm still playing Skyrim anyway.

I just find it amusing that a not-Steamworks game's patch news on here and everywhere else all say "go to Steam for the update." Like... I literally cannot do that. I guess it's because the press all play on Steam press accounts, or because Steam news announced it before anyone else, but still... wider view please.
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