On CD Projekt RED's "AAA+" Projekts

An English-language article on Polish site Polygamia.pl has word from CD Projekt RED about future plans for two "AAA+" games, presuming The Witcher 3 is one, and trying to piece together clues about the other (thanks PC Gamer). Here's their combination of fact and speculation:
The studio is aiming to sell more than 2 million copies of it's "AAA+” games within the first year, while distributing them through both retail and digital. These are the games that we are going to see in respectively 2014 and 2015. What games are these going to be? We don't know, but we can speculate.

Looking at other leading RPG developers like BioWare or Bethesda it's easy to notice a pattern: one of the franchises is set in the past (Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls) and the other one in the future (Mass Effect, Fallout). Is it going to be the case for CDR? It seems like it is, judging by backstage conversations heard during the conference day. Assuming that it's going to be true, the most interesting thing seems to be the universe that the new game will take place. Cyberpunk? Space opera? Or maybe something post-apocalyptic? Who knows? Every one of those themes has a strong title behind it from Deus Ex, to the aforementioned Mass Effect and Fallout.

Another question that remains unanswered is the genre of the game. Is it survival horror? Maybe it's a new cyber-punk RPG? These are still only speculations, of course. We don't have any proof, and we will never be sure until the game is actually announced. In a prospectus for investors, CDR talks about the desire to make games they would would like to play: non-linear RPG's with complex and immersive plots. Realistic games aimed towards mature audience that are all about immersive and real experience, as opposed to shallow fake commerce and political correctness. Taken in that light, it seems likely that they're working on an RPG. Based upon their past experience, they may even decide to license a famous novel or movie as the basis for their IP. After all, we have a few good sci-fi writers in Poland, and The Witcher franchise has shown that it can be done well.
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