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Skyrim Soars

The Steam Game and Player Statistics Page shows The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as the most played game by current player count as of this writing, with more players than all the other games on the list combined. This also show today's peak number of concurrent users for Bethesda's new RPG sequel was 231,593. Thanks Acleacius via FPSWin. And for your tweaking pleasure: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim How To Enable Ambient Occlusion. And for your larcenous side: How to steal in Skyrim.

12. Re: Skyrim Soars Nov 12, 2011, 00:12 Cutter
wtf_man wrote on Nov 11, 2011, 22:49:
Done for the day. So far, it's looking like the best game in the series (other than the UI and food needing to be more needed / meaningful). I progressed the main quest to the point of killing my first dragon / activating my first shout... then concentrated on side quests for the Companions (Warriors Guild).

I'm having an effin' blast!!!

It has a nice flavour and look but it's very RPG-lite. Hardly the best game in the series as it's been dumbed down a vast amount for broad audience appeal. I can live with it but it's rather dissapointing. They really should have just gone with the GURPS/FO SPECIAL stats. If I want to build a hulk who can clobber anyone but is dumb as a stump I should be able to. This 3 stat BS of mana/hp/stam is weak, weak sauce. If the console players are too dumb to get it, give thm templates they can use, but don't hobble the game for those of us who want a real CRPG experience.

As someone on the Bethsoft forums put it quite well....

It's been a long time since I've been so cripplingly disappointed with a game. Todd Howard should be ashamed of himself. From the unique, handcrafted master art that was Morrowind, released nearly 10 years ago, to this? To a piece of saturday night entertainment that panders to the lowest common denominator and BLEEDS mind-numbing repetition and lazy design? I've stepped in puddles deeper than this game.

All that with and the irony of a "Play however you want!" slogan slapped on the top. Well, I would, but you're not letting me. Because the game isn't designed to give me a deep, personal experience. The game is designed to impress teenagers with spectacle and explosions and dragons (ooh!) and rob them of their parent's money. And the saddest thing? It's working. So all you connoisseurs of high class gaming? (a title which has been twisted into a false insult by idiots who respect idiocy) You're getting more of the same. Because it sells, and only because it sells. There is no artistic integrity in this game. Not a shred of it. I refuse to believe that, in the 10 years since Morrowind, the Bethesda developers have lost so much common sense and become so infantile to put this on a par with that great game.

Three stats? No classes? No major and minor skills? No birth signs? No weapon deterioration? No crossbows, spears, throwing weapons? No spell making? No potion naming? Where did the medium armour skill go? Where did the unarmed skill go? Where did the unarmoured skill go? What about acrobatics? What about athletics? What about mysticism? Why do I feel tired and uncompelled to search through any of these crates, barrels and bags? Maybe it's the 10 gold and potatoes that I know I'm going to find.

Absurd game. I'm half expecting to check the calendar and realise that it's April 1st. Bethesda hit the promised land of RPGs with Morrowind and ever since then they've been scrambling around trying to figure out what made that game great -- and missing every time.

Please don't make a sequel.


Now, whilst I don't quite share his disdain, I do agree heartily with the part I bolded. Yes, the game is nice to look at but it's not what true CRPG fans want. I'm just afraid that we won't see anymore hardcore(ish) major titles that will be made for us as it's all about pandering to the largest crowd for money now. I suspect that they'll probably do this with the next Fallout game too. Sigh. I dunno. Maybe it's time to find a new hobby.

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