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Skyrim to Offer "Infinite Quests"

Wired spoke with Bethesda's Todd Howard about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and he described for them how in addition to scripted quests, the Radiant quest system in the imminent RPG sequel will offer an infinite supply of procedurally generated quests. "The vibe of the game is that itís something that you can play forever," says Howard. He stresses this will not just be random chores, but rather an extension of lessons learned from development of Fallout 3, as they worked on motivating players to explore a vast game world. "With Fallout, itís not as beautiful a world to everybody. We had to find ways to make exploration of [a destroyed wasteland] interesting," he says. "The world is probably the one thing that sets [Skyrim] apart from other games. It feels really real for what it is Ö Itís just fun to explore."

50. Re: Skyrim to Offer Nov 9, 2011, 15:10 WaltC
Daggerfall was an absolutely wonderful idea. The problem with it was that a procedural game of that type was, oh, 'bout a decade or more ahead of Bethesda's ability to program it. Also, the SoA in 3d at the time was really primitive compared to what is possible now. If Beth hasn't nailed it by now with Skyrim I doubt they ever will.

Daggerfall sucked primarily because it was so buggy. IIRC, it was patched--officially--about ~17 times or so, and after the last "final" patch Bethesda just gave up on the game. I clearly remember being crestfallen at the time because even though I had hung in there with the patches and the bugs, it was still too buggy for me to finish *after* Bethesda had blessed it with "the final patch."

I'm thinking that Beth hasn't talked that much about this aspect of Skyrim precisely because they don't want to evoke memories of Daggerfall and the fact that it was so buggy that all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Daggerfall together (there's no "again" in this case because at no point was Daggerfall ever "together" in the first place...;))

I think that Bethesda does, however, understand the yearning in the hearts of RPG'ers everywhere for lo-o-o-o-o-o-ooooong games that really "immerse" the player in the game world. I mean, how the hell do some game companies think a player can become "immersed" in a 10-15-hour game--or even a 30-hour game for that matter? That's a sick joke, imo. I think Beth is admirable for shooting for such a high bar in creating an "infinite quest" game engine that is also tied to a concrete storyline with lots of intriguing content--and that sounds like Skyrim. At least, I hope it does.

I'm a little worried by the fact that Beth hasn't (a) produced a demo, or (b) allowed the game to be reviewed ahead of its release. But that may be only because Beth wants to surprise everyone with a 5-star title right out of the gate. I'm certainly hoping it is not because the game is somehow disappointing.
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