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Out of the Blue

I've been poopooing the hubbub about the hurricane up until now (and everyone knows how much fun a poopooed hubbub is), but the dire warnings being issued makes me think I'm just not appreciating the gravity of the situation, as the New York City area has never been hit with a storm this severe in my lifetime. Our optimistic "rain or shine" cookout has been cancelled, so I will make some sausage and peppers in the kitchen later and try and put a dent in the beer we stocked for the event. Thanks to those of you who have expressed concern over the safety of the BlueTower and its occupants, I'm pretty confident everything will be fine. Here's hoping everyone else in the impacted area stays safe and dry.

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28. Re: PBS Marijuana Documentary Aug 28, 2011, 14:24 Sepharo
jdreyer wrote on Aug 28, 2011, 04:31:
Watched the whole thing yesterday (don't bother watching the preview, just jump right in to the full hour long documentary, available free from PBS).

Great stuff. Watched the whole thing yesterday. It's really a shame that this potentially highly effective medicine is saddled with so much baggage that most scientists avoid studying it. There's a great moment in the film where someone says, MJ seems to be effective treating A, B, C, and D, and some skeptic says, "that's impossible, no single drug could do that" and some other scientist comes back, well MJ consists of 500 different compounds working together, and third one says, the cannabinoids in MJ connect to receptors in the brain, liver, kidneys, and pancreas, relieving symptoms and healing disease. They did a great job showing the mechanism by which MJ works on various ailments.

Here's the kicker: the biggest side-effect that sick people using MJ complain about? THE HIGH. Bet you didn't see that coming.

I watched the whole thing after your recommendation, the part at the end with the Indian scientists researching the endocannabinoid system and possible cancer cures was new to me. I knew of the system but I didn't know how it worked as a messaging system and/or tamper for our immune system. We naturally produce endocannabinoids in smaller amounts to bind to the receptors but marijuana gives us the entire (for now mystery) cocktail all at once.

I understand the reasoning of the critic they brought on, he doesn't believe in treating sicknesses with a smokeable and doesn't agree with the cocktail approach or throw everything at it and see what sticks. I just wish he didn't have to be so douchey about it, constantly spouting off bromides like "smoking dope" etc. He could have made his argument calmly and seriously in a single sentence.

I'm a pretty ardent atheist but it's hard to deny that something seems fishy when there's a single plant that delivers so many cannabinoids that interact with our system to treat so many issues. It prompted me to go looking for research on whether other plants produce any cannabinoid. It looks like research has found that while marijuana is still the only cannabinoid producing plant, there are other plants that produce chemicals that can also bind to cannabinoid receptors but aren't one themselves or they affect the production of endocannabinoids by speeding/slowing or blocking them. These include chocolate, carrots, broccoli, and others. Some foods just make you feel good/better and I think we're finding that it's because they interact with this endocannabinoid system, it's just that marijuana does it best and as a plant that we've essentially designed ourselves through selective breeding, it's a natural cure all. So thanks evolution (system is found in nearly all animal life) and ancient shamans, witchdoctors, and now modern genius growers and scientists.

This comment was edited on Aug 28, 2011, 14:29.
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