Out of the Blue

I don't know of any weddings I will be attending on the horizon, so I don't know when I'll get to do this, but I recently came up with a gag that I want to pull the next time I'm at one. What I want to do is sidle up to whoever is performing the ceremony before things get underway, and surreptitiously ask them: "I just wanted to make sure this ceremony is going to include that question asking if anyone has any reason why this marriage should not take place." I'd just love to see the reaction that gets.

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Here is another one a good friend has pulled at weddings ...twice.

Buy a real nice "designer" bath towel set. Then go buy, and empty, about five spray cans of scotchguard into them. Wrap them up nice in gift wrap and give as a wedding gift. Once they realize things like "drying off in the shower is only moving the water from one side of thier body to the other", and handtowels under the sink with water running is "simply sliding off", (actual quotes from the prank-ees) you can then take them back, have them professionally cleaned and then return them (or wash them yourself about 10 times or so and they will be fine). No harm, no foul. ;-)
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