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New Dune Legacy

Version 0.96.2 of Dune Legacy is now available, updating this fan-created homage to Dune II, the seminal real-time strategy game. The new version includes a number of bugfixes and changes, most notably the addition of multiplayer support over either LAN or the internet. Thanks Ant.

7. oh really??? Jul 29, 2011, 09:16 Shataan
"a personal shield"

everyone knows the personal shield is good pretty well only around the Keeps. Out in the terrain tho, it can and will summon a Worm. Making shield use pretty stupid. So, yeah while personal shield use MIGHT negate a few things, these can be balanced realisticly compared to the story, and gameplay logicly too. DUNE would have made an awesome FPS imho. Personal shields were used for cqb knife engagements as well.

I`d love to see this kinda thing used in a fsp using F.E.A.R.s bullet time effect. It`d rock. Add in Riddick Butcher Bay type 1st pov cqb type engagements, just for the upclose times.

Wasn`t C&C loosely based upon DUNE? And that eventually did become a FPS right? Correct me anyone if I am wrong.

As for weaps,the Sardaukar and Fremen both used projectile weaps. Paul introduced the weap the Atreides designed using sound. The Wierding way for hand to hand.

It can be done easilly. Hell, game devs juggle these kinda issues all the time.

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