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Out of the Blue

My situation with one of the monitors in my dual-monitor setup has deteriorated to the point where it's making me crazy. The expensive, yet out-of-warranty, monitor has taken to flickering a majority of the time, and I was finally forced to act, as it's making my work very difficult. I would gladly get a twin of my other monitor, a large but inexpensive Hanns that's been great, but it seems to be no longer in production. I found a similar model and ordered it from Newegg, and I think this is just in time, as the new monitor will match the old one's 1920x1200 resolution, but it seems like a vast majority of flat-panels are now 1920x1080, even when they are as large as these (27.5"). It would be nice if the new monitor arrives before E3 hits full swing, since this is really slowing me down, but I think I probably ordered it too late.

R.I.P.: Dr. Jack Kevorkian, "suicide machine" inventor, jazz musician and painter, has died. Thanks Ant.

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Calvin, Hobbes And Comic Book Biology. Thanks dakslf.

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13. Re: Out of the Blue Jun 4, 2011, 17:32 Fantaz
Quickest temporary solution would be to drive over and buy some LCD monitor from BestBuy and return it after your new one from Newegg comes in the mail.  
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12. Re: Out of the Blue-Max screen size replacing monitors. Jun 4, 2011, 12:37 Xirgu
little article I saw, which matches the distance from your eyes , the resolution you want to use <the monitors default res> and the size of the monitor to buy. or if you want , given the distances are fixed, and the resolution your graphics card allows for gaming, this gives the max size of the monitor you should buy without needing a graphics card upgrade..

math is your friend
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11. Re: Out of the Blue Jun 4, 2011, 11:21  Blue 
taryuken wrote on Jun 4, 2011, 01:00:
Sounds like a problem with the power inverter board from the symptoms. Maybe you can look a repair kit and change out the capacitors.

I think that this may be the problem, as it first happened after a brownout. Unfortunately the fix you describe is beyond my level of technical proficiency... I am not a solderer. I do plan on looking into fixing this however. I wonder if that power inverter is in the uber-brick that lies between the monitor and the outlet, and whether that thing can be replaced?

As for the other suggestions that it may be a cable, well that is within my level, and it is assuredly not that. I have an HDMI TV connection into the monitor as well as the DVI from the PC, and the flickering persists when switching between them.
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Stephen "Blue" Heaslip
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10. Calvin, Hobbes And Comic Book Biology Jun 4, 2011, 08:52 sliv
When I read the first strip with Calvin being a parent, married to Susie Derkins, my initial reaction was not a good one. Reading all of the high praise comments I was wondering why it didn't sit well with me. I thought maybe I wasn't 'getting it', like a joke that everyone else laughs at but goes completely over my head. I think the author of the article hits it dead-on the head of the nail for me and which is why I didn't like the present-day Calvin strip, and disliked he second one even more.

Several things: I didn't think the drawings were that good, they obviously used a computer to draw it, which is never like actually ink on paper so the genuinity was completely lost. The fact that Watterson has spent years during and after his Calvin years protecting his work should be respected. Reading the forward in "The Complete Calvin & Hobbes" you can hear his exhaustion of having to fight that over the years. And the final thing, they named their daughter "Bacon"? The fact the names 'Calvin' and 'Hobbes' were pulled from philosophers was the inside joke to Watterson and his readers. Nowhere in the strips was that ever referenced so to think that Calvin and wife, Susie, would have thought to continue the trend and name their child 'Bacon' is shallow in regards to the depth the of the strip.

I think what bothers e most is that guys who designed the new strip didn't seem to give the original strip and Watterson the respect they deserve. Both respect for intellectual property that Watterson has voiced for years and respect for the strip for not allowing Calvin to stay forever young.
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9. Re: Out of the Blue Jun 4, 2011, 01:00 taryuken
Sounds like a problem with the power inverter board from the symptoms. Maybe you can look a repair kit and change out the capacitors.  
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8. Re: Out of the Blue Jun 3, 2011, 23:06 Rigs
Holy Jeezus...27.5"?!? Damn, now I feel so...inadequate with my lowly 22" 'tough-as-nails' Samsung 2253BW. Mine has been thru the ringer of being a 'mobile' monitor, something it wasn't designed to handle. With my self-built Core i5 system in a Thermaltake LANBOY-LITE case, the monitor goes everywhere the system does. Which, in the last 3 months, has been through two complete moves, two 'spontaneous' LAN's (we never know when we'll have enough people show, so it just happens when everyone is together, whenever that may be, but typically Friday or Saturday, though we sometimes race on Sunday before the actual Nascar race) and staying/crashing at a number of friends and relative's places in-between the two moves, which was nearly 5 weeks of almost constant moving around. The whole time, this thing performed flawlessly. It's 6 years old now, but I've come to seriously rely on it...

And I can also comment on the flickering picture ending up being a bad cable with a somewhat similar experience. During the times I was bouncing around, I had this monitor and another 17" DELL M782 CRT 'boat anchor' that I used as a second display. One cable was a DVI which went to the LCD, while the other was a standard VGA cable to the CRT. In the beginning, if both monitors were active, the LCD would show what could only be described as 'snow'. It was faint and only visible when I had a dark or black screen, but it was there. At first I panicked, thinking I had screwed up something on the LCD from all the moving around (and it had been treated rather rough at times, even falling off a couch onto the floor at one point, which left my heart in my throat until I could check that it was ok). After some mental troubleshooting and elimination, it turned out that the RGB/VGA cable was to blame. While the picture on the 'boat anchor' was fine, it was interfering with the LCDs'. A quick change-out resolved the problem and lowered my stress level somewhat...

I'm not gonna act like I know what the problem is, Blue, and I'm sure you've done your homework and brainstorming, but sometimes we tend to overlook the obvious until someone points it out...I hope to, one day, be able to get a new set of 25" - 30" LED LCD's. I got my Mom a beautiful DELL 23.1" LCD Ultrasharp (model # escapes me ATM) for Mother's Day a few years back (to replace the even larger DELL 19" 'battleship anchor' CRT she had been using) and I've been jealous ever since. The color on that thing puts my poor Sammy to shame. And I've tried many times to find an excuse to trade LCD's with her...I can't even ask anymore, she'll cut me off with a 'Not a chance!' before I even get the words out... *sigh*

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"I remember feeling profoundly disappointed at the scene when Byeck's missus gives him a hidden blade and says, 'This is a weapon from ancient times!' BITCH, we're IN 'ancient times'!" - Yahtzee, 'Assassin's Creed: Origins'
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7. Re: Out of the Blue Jun 3, 2011, 17:54 WaltC
I had one of the 27.5", 1920x1200 Hanns monitors, too, and agree that for the money ($~550) they are very difficult to beat...;)  
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It is well known that I do not make mistakes--so if you should happen across a mistake in anything I have written, be assured that I did not write it!
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6. Re: Out of the Blue Jun 3, 2011, 17:11 Dev
Creston wrote on Jun 3, 2011, 13:55:
Did you try swapping cables, Blue? 9 out of 10 times when I have a flickering image at work, the culprit is the cable rather than the monitor.

I've had similar experience. Sometimes the cable is just loose, or sometimes it needs to be replaced entirely.

Also, if you need something in a hurry don't forget neweggs $3 rush processing fee where they ship it out almost immediately since they put it at the top of the list of things to ship.
And don't forget to check to see the prices on an item at amazon, often enough, they have the item for a similar price (less sometimes) and prime is lovely. You can get a 3 month free trial of prime for moms & dads, and then pay $4 to get next day air shipping on an item, or stay with 2 day air for free..
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5. Re: Out of the Blue Jun 3, 2011, 17:02 Wolfen
"His attorney, Mayer Morganroth" So is anyone who knows Kevorkian just have creepy gothic sounding names? lol  
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4. Re: Out of the Blue Jun 3, 2011, 16:02 UConnBBall
I usually get all my items within a day here in PA since "most" orders come fron NJ but sometimes I get an order shipping in from CA and it takes DAYSSSSS.  
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3. Re: Out of the Blue Jun 3, 2011, 13:55 Creston
Did you try swapping cables, Blue? 9 out of 10 times when I have a flickering image at work, the culprit is the cable rather than the monitor.

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2. Dr. Jack Kevorkian, "suicide machine" inventor, jazz musician and painter, has died. Jun 3, 2011, 12:03 Hyatus
Sad. He was a pioneer in a dying industry.  
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1. Re: Out of the Blue Jun 3, 2011, 11:36 Verno
I use a pair of Dell U2410's here at work that are excellent though they are not exactly cheap.

The Dell Ultrasharp U2311H's go on sale frequently for $200-220, have IPS panels, very fast response and low input lag. They are unfortunately 1920x1080 but are otherwise the perfect consumer monitor. They are fine for gaming too, I use two of em at home. If there is one thing Dell does do well, it's subcontract LG to make good monitors for them
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