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F.E.A.R. 3 Multiplayer Trailer

This new trailer from F.E.A.R. 3 features multiplayer action in the first-person shooter sequel in development at Day 1 Studios, showing off various gameplay modes, which are also highlighted in this batch of new screenshots. The four multiplayer modes are Fu**ing Run!, Contractions, Soul Survivor, and Soul King, and a description of each follows.

Fu**ing Run!
Chased by Alma’s always-encroaching Wall of Death, the F.E.A.R. squad must push forward through Armacham forces and reach the checkpoints before they are swallowed up. If any teammate is lost to Alma’s Wall of Death, it is game over for everyone. The only way to survive is to F**king Run! Alma’s Wall of Death was inspired by the cover of John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness.

Contractions places gamers as members of an isolated F.E.A.R. squad facing off against Alma’s minions. As a team you must work together to collect weapons and build barricades during the calm between Alma’s contractions. Each time a contraction hits, a wave of supernatural and possessed enemies flood into the area. To make matters worse, a paranormal fog rolls in with each wave, getting thicker and deeper as you try to make your last stand. Dangerous things lurk in the fog, including Alma herself. Only by cooperating can the squad survive all twenty waves. Inspired by John Carpenter’s The Fog.

Soul Survivor
Soul Survivor adds a twist to the cooperative gaming experience. While players are working together as a team to survive attacks from incoming soldiers, Alma will corrupt one of the team, forcing the player to turn against their allies. The Chosen Player has a set amount of time to split up the F.E.A.R. squad and Corrupt them, all while the Armacham soldiers continue assaulting the team. Each player that is picked off joins the Corrupted side and must help to exterminate the remaining squad members. Only the strongest player can make it out alive as the Soul Survivor. Inspired by Steve Niles’ 30 Days of Night where the survivors are taken down one by one and turned against those that remain.

Soul King
All players start as a Spectre, a ghost with the ability to possess human enemies. Players fight to possess and kill AI combatants, as well as collect the caches of souls that other players release once killed. Picking up souls adds to your points, but if you’re killed you lose half your souls. The player with the highest score at the end of the timed round is the Soul King.

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6. Re: F.E.A.R. 3 Multiplayer Trailer Apr 16, 2011, 19:02 Ant
Is it me or are the screen shots' graphics not that good?  
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5. Re: F.E.A.R. 3 Multiplayer Trailer Apr 16, 2011, 15:59 Hump
Surprised that Day 1 is still in business after that last game they made (the one with terrain deformation.....I forget the name)  
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4. Re: F.E.A.R. 3 Multiplayer Trailer Apr 16, 2011, 12:18 Lit_Reflex001
I'll bet it sucks. Fear 2 certainly did.

And I liked the original Fear. Part 2 made it extremely boring to shoot guns and people. Part 1 had a great violence feature... I enjoyed the blood.

Not to mention the fact that part 2's graphics were entirely underwhelming, where as part 1 at least was pushing forward.
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3. Re: F.E.A.R. 3 Multiplayer Trailer Apr 16, 2011, 11:34 Joss
Looks like that system this was played on took a beating. Those fps were getting all kinds of chop.  
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2. Re: F.E.A.R. 3 Multiplayer Trailer Apr 16, 2011, 07:19 Ray Marden
I'll look at the game again if reviews are stellar, but I don't really have a major desire to play this game.

Akin to the second game, I am sure it will be an adequate shooter, but this one looks even more generic and neither of the sequels have drawn me in like the first game did.

If the reviews are otherwise okay, I'll consider this when it hits $20.00.
P2 in April, TW2 in May, and m*th*r f*ck*ng DNF in June!
Suspecting DS3 and Alice will underwhelm as well,
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1. Re: F.E.A.R. 3 Multiplayer Trailer Apr 16, 2011, 01:30 Jerykk
Number of people that will still be playing this a month after release: 11.

While the game modes sound relatively unique and even somewhat interesting, that's not enough to sustain an active player base for years. The core gameplay needs to be fundamentally deep and offer a high skill ceiling but that doesn't appear to be the case in FEAR3. It appears that it will play just like every other pseudo-realistic military shooter.
Avatar 20715
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6 Replies. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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