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Diablo III Details?

A since-deleted post on 4chan (mirrored here) offers purported details on Diablo III, posted by someone who claims to have been an internal tester at Blizzard before being fired. A post on Lo-Ping puts the /v/ chat in a more easily read format, allowing one to read all the information provided, while skipping most of the seemingly endless accusations that this is all a big troll. It certainly may all be made up, but if it isn't, obviously spoilers abound. Thanks Gamer's Hell.

11. Re: Diablo III Details? Apr 14, 2011, 15:08 Kxmode
Save your sanity. Here are !TrMHCTg9is's comments grammatically cleaned up so that your head doesn't explode. I understand why Blizzard fired the kid.


"If you liked torchlight then it is very fun. If you are an old Diablo 2 addictive, like myself, then you will be disappointed."

"First Act: Tristram and surrounding (Monastery, Leoric Castle, etc)
Second Act: desert as you guys already know
Third Act: something they called the Bastion Keep (Horrible act)
Fourth Act: begins where the meteor hits, then you descend into hell"

"The loot is horrible and the level design makes the game boring, just like Torchlight's level design."

"There are recipes. There are also special items like lost scrolls with lore on them that can be used in recipes."

"They intend to port Diablo 3 to consoles when expansion development begins."

"No Runewords"

"Diablo 3 has very low system requirements. It is more scalable than Torchlight. You can play with a GeForce 6 or any laptop from 3 years ago on low settings."

"I liked the Wizard."

"If you do the side quests the game is roughly the same length as Diablo 2. Maps and quests aside Diablo 2 is larger if you totally complete both games."

"You fight Tyrael in act 4."

"The plot is very simple. When Tyrael broke the Wordstone in Diablo 2 it shattered what keeps the mortal world separated from heaven and hell. So Asmodan devised a way to resurrect Diablo because his essence wasn't completely destroyed with the soul shard. They invoke a meteor to hit Sanctuary because its impact would generate energy enough to open a portal to hell for a massive army."

"Tyrael was corrupted by Asmodan. Asmodan is boss of act 3."

"As a tester, my job is finding bugs and doing what they call 100% coverage run test. They also called us into meetings and asked us our opinions about a lot of things. I said the game was boring and doomed to be a failure."

"The boss fights are scripted. They're big and make a big mess in the scenario, but they are easy."

"Diablo 3 doesn't feel as open as Diablo 2. The levels in Diablo 2 were much bigger than in Diablo 3. Diablo 3's open world environments are smaller with side areas. Dungeons are randomly, generated mediocre levels with rectangular areas glued together."

"To make the game graphics have very low requirements, and because of that, they choose the cartoony way, because it doesn't look so bad with low technical requirement. The problem for me is Diablo 3's level design and loot."

"Titan MMO will be integrated with Facebook and will be more or less like Second Life."

"I think the classes are well designed with each having unique gameplay. I like the skill and runes system. Expect a beta announcement at this year's Blizzcon."

"The end is the hero sacrificing himself to act like the Wordstone before it was destroyed, thus separating once again hell and mortal world. Diablo isn't destroyed, but is chained in hell."

"Yes, it was my job, to perform a 100% coverage test. If you want to know if classes are balanced, they are not. The Demon Hunter is extremely overpowered (as of my last play). Bosses are very boring. They are scripted. Elites are not as crazy as in Diablo 2, they have fewer enchantments. It is funny to try out all rune combinations."

This comment was edited on Apr 14, 2011, 15:22.
Avatar 18786
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