Out of the Blue

I'm pretty sure my warning about hiding your Scotch yesterday went unheeded by the amount of fun I had last night, and the amount of pain I'm in today. Oh well, no pain, no gain... or something like that.

R.I.P.: Sidney Lumet, 86, Director of Modern Film Classics, Dies.
R.I.P.: Software pioneer and ENIAC programmer Jean Bartik dies at 86. Thanks Ant.

Painful Links: Thanks Ant and Mike Martinez and Acleacius.
Play: Goo Bob.
Big Evil Robots.
Pirates Conflict.
Links: Sharks Taught to Hunt Alien Lionfish. Thanks Neatorama.
Story: Family Dog Protects Missing 2-year-old Overnight.
Images: Fake Science - Are All Snakes Venomous?
Price FAIL.
Extreme Sleeping, Part 2.
Media: Animatronic Marshmallow Peep Show.
Metal Gear Solid IRL Of The Day.
Deer Protects Mother Goose and Her Nest.
Follow-up: Brevity.
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Apr 9, 2011, 21:55
RIP Sidney. The man made some fantastic films.
"Van Gogh painted alone and in despair and in madness and sold one picture in his entire life. Millions struggled alone, unrecognized, and struggled as heroically as any famous hero. Was it worthless? I knew it wasn't."
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