Out of the Blue

I'm pretty sure my warning about hiding your Scotch yesterday went unheeded by the amount of fun I had last night, and the amount of pain I'm in today. Oh well, no pain, no gain... or something like that.

R.I.P.: Sidney Lumet, 86, Director of Modern Film Classics, Dies.
R.I.P.: Software pioneer and ENIAC programmer Jean Bartik dies at 86. Thanks Ant.

Painful Links: Thanks Ant and Mike Martinez and Acleacius.
Play: Goo Bob.
Big Evil Robots.
Pirates Conflict.
Links: Sharks Taught to Hunt Alien Lionfish. Thanks Neatorama.
Story: Family Dog Protects Missing 2-year-old Overnight.
Images: Fake Science - Are All Snakes Venomous?
Price FAIL.
Extreme Sleeping, Part 2.
Media: Animatronic Marshmallow Peep Show.
Metal Gear Solid IRL Of The Day.
Deer Protects Mother Goose and Her Nest.
Follow-up: Brevity.
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Pain is weakness leaving the body
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