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Op Ed

IndustryGamers - EA in 'Best Position,' Activision Has 'Challenging' Road Ahead.
"I think [the traditional games] industry is up for pretty significant changes. The companies that are not doing a good job of managing the transition will find themselves in a really difficult place. I think of all of the companies, Electronic Arts is doing the best job of managing the transition and I think other incumbents like Take Two/Rockstar, or Activision, or THQ, are doing a much, much worse job," Young noted.

Bitmob - Game journalists are not progressive in how they cover social gaming.
Let me ask you a few questions: When have you seen a mobile- or social-network game on the cover of a major game magazine? How many reviews or previews of said games do these magazines you read include? Lastly, how many articles have you read positing over the impact social-network and mobile games may have on the industry?

I would bet good money that the last question was the easiest to answer because it seems like every month in every issue of every game magazine there is the familiar "will mobile and social games kill the industry?" piece. It had been the subject of numerous sessions at gaming and developer conferences, and it appears on almost every gaming website with the regularity of the sun rising in the morning.

Doombreed - The death of the PC gaming scene by the Xbox 720 & PS4 generation.
Let me be clear. The PC is not dead. If you read that into this article then shame on you. You cannot replace the experience one receives on a personal computer with a console, yet. What you can arguably do is provide a better gaming experience. If the consoles continue on with their UI improvements, feature enhancements, content delivery systems, exclusive releases, massive generational hardware improvements, and maybe even incorporate a few of the features PC gamers keep holding onto for dear life… then I find myself in the position of questioning my PC gaming addiction when the console will likely provide even more at a smaller price.

48. Re: Op Ed Mar 23, 2011, 01:28 Doombreed
Jerykk wrote on Mar 23, 2011, 00:06:
Oh dear. What a terrible article. So many stupid points, I don't know where to begin.

1) Xbox LIVE is not going to lure PC gamers away from PC gaming. GfWL was MS's attempt to bring LIVE to the PC and it has failed horribly. PC gamers enjoy the freedom and flexibility that the platform offers and Xbox LIVE/GfWL represents the antithesis of those things. Also, PC gamers don't like paying for functionality that was previously and should always be free (like the ability to play games online).

2) The next batch of consoles will not support mouse and keyboard because developers won't want to deal with the balancing issues. The X360 and PS3 both support M/KB, yet UT3 was the only game to actually support it as well. There's absolutely no reason why this would change in the future.

3) The X720/PS4 will likely match or even surpass PC hardware at launch. However, that will only last for about six months before PC hardware regains the lead. The author claims that next generation games will all have AA but that very same claim was made about the current generation as well. In fact, Microsoft initially required that all X360 games run at 1280x720 and at least 2X MSAA. However, they eventually dropped those requirements because the hardware couldn't keep up. I expect no different from the next generation of consoles. Even if the consoles ship with powerful GPUs and CPUs, they will very likely skimp on the memory, as that has been the trend since... well, since forever. AA takes a lot of video memory so when developers inevitably start running into memory issues, AA will be the first thing to go.

4) The author seems to believe that next gen consoles will cost the same as current-gen consoles. That's highly unlikely, especially if they'll be as powerful as the author suggests.

5) PC gamers generally don't care about big-budget console exclusives. Halo, Fable and Gears of War all eventually came to PC and received little to no fanfare. This is because pretty much every big-budget exclusive is overrated and overhyped by platform fanboys. In addition, this generation of consoles saw tremendous growth in multiplatform development. The vast majority of games are multiplatform these days and the vast majority of those also appear on PC. In fact, the number of console games being ported to PC is far greater than it was 10 years ago and the quality of said ports has improved substantially.

The author of the article could have saved a lot of time by just saying that he's become more complacent in recent years and has put quality, performance and flexibility below convenience.

I have to admit, you present a very strong argument against the article. You have also taken several things out of context, so allow me to re-inform of you the points.

1) Xbox live has already lured away PC gamers, myself *not* among them. I've already stated I own all the consoles and yet still regularly game on my PC. I agree wholeheartedly that GfWL is a horrid piece of crap, and I make no attempt to try and adopt that garbage. I also agree with your stance on gamers not wanting to pay for features and flexibility of a PC. If you noticed, thats why I stated that the PC is not dead. Even Blue caught that one in the caption.

2) Who are you to say that Microsoft and Sony will not support a mouse and keyboard with a generation of hardware we know next to nothing about? Are you actually trying to base your authoritative opinion on a game published over 3 years ago? I am merely pointing out what would need to take place for gamers to consider migrating from PCs as their primary gaming platform to a console. You appear to have read more into it than I wrote.

3) Are you aware of the fact that when this generation of consoles was released, the majority of the US did not yet own an HD TV. Clearly, the hardware required to push 1080p with AA was not at the forefront of either Microsoft or Sony. That said, I believe the framebuffer requirements to provide that level of graphic fidelity will not be much of an issue for the 1080p resolution that is certain to still be the industry standard in the coming years.

4) I specifically mentioned in the article that when looking back, the original price of the 360 was $399. The success of consoles are based upon software attachment rates. Sony is unbelievable proof of this, as they took a loss on their PS3 for over 3 years to gain the market basket of their software attachment rate. I highly doubt they will try that model again, but time will tell. In either case, try not to put words in my mouth in an attempt to ascertain an advantageous argumentative position.

5) So you've cast a PC wide net across the community saying gamers don't care about big budget console exclusives based on three games that were all released to PC after massive delays? Congrats on only selecting Microsoft titles as well. You actually believe that "every big-budget exclusive is overrated and overhyped by platform fanboys?" Last I checked "fun" was still a term people cared about when gaming and those multi-million selling exclusives would certainly be "fun" for the PC audience too, eh? You also fail to reference the importance of those exclusives to the gen Y of our time. Those games will be the titles they want to see brought forward. I suspect MS and Sony also feel that way.

Let me help you set the record straight. Forums all over the internet are filled with people fed the frack up with developers releasing craptastic ports of console games onto the PC. Hell, Homefront and Crysis 2 just proved this point, again! If a console port is something you feel is qualified to be on the PC as a major release, then more power to you. As a PC gamer who DOES give a care, I want titles that innovate from the past, not ports of the past. To be quite blunt, despite the overwhelming hardware advantage the PC has, developers continue to treat it as a port to, instead of innovate from platform. That sends a fairly clear message.

I also find it difficult to believe you have the insight necessary to sum up my feelings towards the PC in a single sentence. You didn't even comprehend the subject material I laid out, so how on Earth could you adequately speak of my thoughts and feelings towards the platform that I continue to champion and support? The article wasn't written so that a bunch of console gamers could cheer. Hopefully you can understand why I asked Blue to post this at one of the most hardest and PC centric sites on the net. Many good comments and thoughts have been voiced here because of the article. Honestly, you should feel a sense of pride about the PC community, not condemnation for the article author.

However, whether you choose to believe it or not, the current generation of consoles have come a staggering distance towards the PC as a gaming platform. I am very concerned that distance will close to a striking range for the next generation.

Thats why I wrote the article.
Avatar 56233
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