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Ships Ahoy - Homefront

THQ announces that Homefront has invaded stores worldwide, offering Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 gamers the chance to play Kaos Studios' first-person shooter based on a near-future invasion of the U.S.A. by the Greater Korean Republic. The release is accompanied by this new trailer combining live action and gameplay footage showing the (hopefully) fictional future history that leads to a unified Korea, the invasion and occupation of the U.S., and the resistance that is the central theme of the game. "Homefront combines a unique, emotive single player campaign with an incredible online multiplayer experience," said Danny Bilson, EVP Core Games, THQ. "Kaos Studios has created the definitive large scale warfare experience on console and PC, and innovations like Battle Points and Battle Commander offer a completely new twist on the genre, and make the game accessible and rewarding for newcomers and FPS veterans alike."

35. Re: Ships Ahoy - Homefront Mar 15, 2011, 21:32 Krovven
We spoke specifically of the dialogue being realistic, and now you are saying stuff about how the game doesn't draw you in. Going from talking specifics to a generalization.

re: Options for the gameplay tips - I feel as if you're justifying bad game design or at least old school design. This is all about presentation.

So pointing out there are options for the experienced gamer to turn off suddenly becomes about bad game design and presentation? The game provides detailed options in this area for all user levels, and you refer to this as bad game design? A seasoned PC gamer can't ask for anything better. The option is there to customize it to your liking and you dont even have to go into config files to do it.

Complaining - your response here is where you get overly defensive, to the point you argue semantics over me referring to one of your "issues" as a complaint....when I was agreeing with you!

If you didn't know the gameplay was going to be like CoD, and you find fault with that, then yes, it's an ignorant purchase. Even in previous threads about Homefront this has been talked about. I even responded stating some differences in the gameplay...particularly MP being on much larger maps than CoD, which was one of my largest complaints with CoD MP.

When I say sluggish i mean the feel of the game - it's not my machine - it's the design

K, you specifically said "controls", and again, you are now making a generalization saying it's the "feel of the's the design".
Either the controls of the game are sluggish (un-responsive) or ...actually Im not sure what you are saying. The game isnt doing it for you, I get it. It's happened to me on many occasion. Dont argue specifics about what I said and then backtrack into generalizations when I disagree with you stating my mouse movement is clean and suggest there might be another issue.

I'm not trying to tell you are wrong. You responded to my post and then I've questioned some of your responses to that initial post, now you are getting all defensive about it. If you don't want to have a discussion and have someone counter your own arguments, then don't post disagreeing with someone in the first place. I'm not expecting everyone to like the game, just like millions of people play CoD games and I don't play them for various reasons that have been discussed in the past.

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