Steam User Loses Almost $1800 in Games Due to Ban [Updated]

A post on Reddit's gameswap forum outlines the plight of someone whose Steam account has been permanently disabled, preventing his access to 149 games that SteamCalculator says were worth a total of $1794.52. This stems from a previous attempt to sell this account, which is a violation of the Steam Subscriber Agreement, as it states: "You are entitled to use the Software for your own use, but you are not entitled to: (i) sell, grant a security interest in or transfer reproductions of the Software to other parties in any way, nor to rent, lease or license the Software to others without the prior written consent of Valve." The user asked Steam support if he's been permanently disabled, and was told: "Correct, you lose access to your account permanently for violating our Subscriber Agreement." We contacted Valve for comment on this a couple of hours ago, but they have not responded. Thanks Joao via Ars Technica. Update: A post on the Steam Users' Forums from Valve says: "The article doesn't mention that the account has been re-enabled."
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Re: Steam User Loses Almost $1800 in Games Due to Ban [Updated]
Mar 14, 2011, 19:59
Re: Steam User Loses Almost $1800 in Games Due to Ban [Updated] Mar 14, 2011, 19:59
Mar 14, 2011, 19:59
What's REALLY fucked up about this (it happened to me a few years ago), is that you don't even have to have access to the account to get it banned. All you need is the SteamID and a partial list of games and if you put it up on EBay, Valve/Steam automatically disables that account.

I initially thought my brothers "friend" stole my account while I was away from home. I filed a police report (I initially thought my account was hacked) who then talked to the friend and got his statement where it came out that he didn't steal it but that he put it on Ebay to see how much it would go for (I have a sub 0:0:5000 steamid). I contacted Steam support who told me that it was disabled due to violation of the TOS because it was listed on Ebay. I called the Police back, got a copy of the police report and case # and forwarded it to SteamSupport and Gabe Newell. Fortunately for me, the police would only validate the report if it was $300 or more of value (I was at around $350). No charge to the "friend" of my brother's but I was able to get my account back.

However, I was told by Valve if the SteamID is ever put back on Ebay that my account would be permenantly disabled.

How fucked up is that, that you can get your account disabled without people even having access to it?

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