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Op Ed - Ooh Shiny - Why DLC is treating gamers like idiots.
I have a problem with Downloadable Content. I've got to get it out there, it's one of my biggest bug bears. What once was a developer wanting to increase the life of it's hard worked on product, has now become a pursuit of another revenue stream, a way to milk more cash from already strapped gamers. Titbits and additives, another map, another hat, a prettier weapon, all things that are now charged for in what has become abbreviated and boiled down to one thing: DLC.

Bitmob - Don't be a dickwolf at PAX East next month.
My concern is that PAX East 2011 will be populated by Penny Arcade fans proudly flying the dickwolves' colors. I would not be surprised if we saw large congregations of Dickwolves Standard Bearers marching through the halls to defend their “right” to be insensitive unless someone tries to defuse this mess. And I have little doubt that the people who are against what they perceive those shirts to mean are going to have something to say about that.

World of Darkness News - Where have all the GM's gone?
Now the last few modern MMO's I played were Age of Conan & Star Trek Online. If this sampling is like all the other newish MMO's out there it's a sad state. Not only are live events (side note: If the setting of AoC does not warrant any live events then that indeed is not only short sighted but a sad state of affairs) non-existent on these games but clearly the hands off approach is not working. Seems developers think they can substitute a GM with repetitive scripted quests. So.. hows those sub numbers proving your theory Mr. Developer?

33. Re: Dickwolves Feb 8, 2011, 19:17 DrEvil
Getting offended at merely using the word rape in a comic strip about imaginary game character questing is fucking stupid, victim or not. People who are in the business of mocking everything should not have to apologize for shit like that. Nobody finds it funny, implied or otherwise that there are rape victims, but the strip wasn't about mocking rape or the victims specifically, it was about lame MMO quest design. People surely have the right to express their disapproval of certain strips, but this one deserves no special treatment in the 'clarifying' and mocking response they followed up with.  
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