World of Warcraft Hotfixes

Another update to the Cataclysm Hotfixes thread on lists all the changes made to World of Warcraft over the past week (thanks Ant). The complete list of new changes follows.

January 19-26

  • General
    • Thunder Bluff reputation no longer increases further from Horde faction gains than other races, now correctly capping at Friendly.
  • Classes
    • Druids
      • Enrage will now properly increase the amount of damage taken by the druid.
      • Force of Nature and Wild Mushroom can now be cast correctly even if the target is on a different height of terrain from the druid.
    • Paladins
      • The bonus healing provided by Conviction now functions correctly when healing other players.
      • The passive healing bonus from Walk in the Light has been reduced to 5%, down from 15%. This change is to balance against the fix to Conviction, but still results in a small overall buff to paladin healing.
    • Priests
      • Prayer of Mending is now properly reduced by healing reduction effects, such as Mortal Strike, Absolute Corruption, and Engulfing Darkness.
    • Rogues
      • The benefit of Executioner for Slice and Dice is now correctly removed from the rogue after switching talent specializations.
  • Dungeons & Raids
    • The Bastion of Twilight
      • Creatures leading up to Halfus are now immune to Mind Control.
      • The Waterlogged debuff now expires appropriately after a player is hit by Flame Torrent during the Ignacious encounter.
      • Terrastra will cast Quake regardless of whether Harden Skin is interrupted or not.
      • Twilight Sentries now have less health on 10-player Heroic difficulty than on 25-player Heroic difficulty.
      • Sinestra
        • Twilight Whelps are now immune to snares.
        • The spawn rate of Twilight Spitecallers has been slightly reduced on 25-player Heroic difficulty.
        • A death knight's diseases will no longer trigger the Twilight Spitecallers' Indomitable enrage.
        • It is no longer possible to target or attack a Twilight Spitecaller before it has entered the combat area.
        • Flame patches should properly spawn in front of the Twilight Eggs.
    • Blackwing Descent
      • The achievement criteria for Silence is Golden is now properly reset when entering combat with Atramedes.
      • Atramedes's health on Heroic difficulty has been reduced slightly.
      • Maloriak will no longer be interrupted while casting Release All Minions.
      • Maloriak's enrage timer was inconsistent between difficulties and has been updated. It is now 7 minutes for normal difficulty and 12 minutes for Heroic difficulty.
    • Deadmines
      • Glubtok's Fire and Frost Blossoms summoned during the encounter no longer grant experience or reputation.
    • Throne of the Four Winds
      • Al'Akir's Lightning Strike damage has been reduced on 25-player Heroic difficulty. In addition, its effect duration has been reduced to 16 seconds, down from 24 in both modes and difficulties.
      • Slipstreams can no longer be used during the Al'Akir encounter.
      • It is no longer possible to swap raid difficulty before the Conclave of Wind has fully respawned.
      • Gather Strength cast by Rohash is no longer affected by spell slowing effects, such as Curse of Tongues and Slow.
    • The Vortex Pinnacle
      • Bosses will no longer respawn after a soft reset if players already have a Heroic save.
  • Items
    • Heroic set tokens have been moved to earlier bosses on 25-player Heroic difficulty (chest from Halfus, legs from Maloriak, gloves from Magmaw, helm from Nefarian, shoulder from Cho'gall).
    • Tokens for normal versions of the helm and shoulder set pieces (item level 359) now drop from Nefarian and Cho'gall on Heroic difficulty, as they are required to purchase the Heroic helm and shoulder pieces (item level 372). An additional change to this functionality is slated for patch 4.0.6.
    • Normal and Heroic versions of Earthen Handguards now have more Strength.
    • Normal and Heroic versions of Fall of Mortality can now proc the Grounded Soul effect correctly via heal-over-time spells.
  • Lunar Festival
    • Elder Rumblerock is now available during the quest "Assault on Dreadmaul Rock" for both the Horde and the Alliance.
    • Horde players now correctly gain 75 Bilgewater reputation as well when completing the Lunar Festival elder quests as part of the Horde reputation gain.
  • Professions
    • The Stamina bonus from the Flask of Battle is the same as the Flask of Steelskin. Both are correctly giving 120 Stamina for alchemists who know the recipe.
    • Archaeology projects Twisted Ammonite Shells, Druid and Priest Statue Sets, Fierce Wolf Figurines, and Spidery Sundails now guarantee skill-ups all the way to 525.
    • Toughened Flesh now drops more frequently from associated creatures.
    • Making Kungaloosh no longer counts toward the guild achievement Set the Oven to Cataclysmic.
  • PvP
    • Rated Battlegrounds will no longer initiate a shutdown timer due to too few players being present.
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