Natural Selection 2 Beta Patch

Unknown Worlds announces a new patch for the Natural Selection 2 beta, which is currently running for preorder customers. The change list (which follows) for build 158 is short because they wanted to clear up some issues with the previous release for the weekend. Thanks Joao.

  • Hydra server optimizations (this should help but probably not fix completely)
  • Hydras now fire at the proper point on targets (esp. for infantry portal, command station)
  • Changed most marine structure build times to be the same as in NS1
  • Fixed problem where power nodes sometimes made lights red even when they were functioning
  • Fixed intermittent black screen during gameplay
  • Fixed possible timeout when creating a listen server
  • Fixed Fade "skating" animation problem
  • Improved death messages (showing incorrect artwork or no killer name)
  • First-person flamethrower effects and on-fire flamethrower effects (today, not yesterday)
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