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Civilization V Patch Plans

The 2K Forums have word on plans for the first major patch for Sid Meier's Civilization V, though there is no set plan for when this will be released yet (thanks The Patches Scrolls). The list of planned changes follows.


  • Fix for production prompt that sometimes appears with newly created puppet states that could stop the player from being able to end the turn.
  • Aircraft banner corrections – now when you rebase an aircraft, the number will move with it.
  • Resource icons now come up with Ctrl-R again, instead of sharing the same button with Build Roads.
  • Selecting a great general will no longer cause yield icons to appear.
  • Added option to disable auto-unit cycling.
  • Fix for full-screen game when running dual monitors. Previously, the curser could scroll off the “open” side, and not be able to scroll the map in that direction.
  • Misc additional fixes to mouse controls, and other interface issues.
  • Rounded out financial information in the Economic Overview screen. Details now provided on the amount of gold provided by each city, the cost of buildings in each city, etc.
  • Auto-populate save menu with save file name
  • Allow selection of other cities by hex from within the city screen
  • Added detailed trade route info to Economic Overview screen


  • Category list now displays correctly


  • Workers - Added option to force workers to ignore manually made improvements (so they don’t change what you decide was best for a plot).
  • Workers - Fixed bug where number of turns to complete were incorrect in build action button tool-tip.
  • Economy - Fixed bug where players could disband a single unit, and not see the economic return until disbanding 1 more.
  • Economy – Increased city wealth setting to 25%
  • Economy – Multiple fixes to the way trade-routes are tabulated and recognized.
  • Economy - Can now sell Buildings in a city (to help lower maintenance for obsolete buildings later in the game).
  • Trade – Found and corrected a Trade problem that could cause your Resource inventory to multiply.
  • City States - Fixed a bug where you could not gift aircraft to city states.
  • Military - Medic promotion now only provides healing bonus for adjacent units.
  • Military – Fix for Minuteman movement.
  • Military – Correct promotions for “archer-like” units (horse archers, chariots).
  • Military - Embarked units will no longer slow enemy land units
  • Military - Improved unit cycling logic. Camera will jump around much less.
  • Balance - Engineers +1 hammer


  • Military – Better handling of unit need (navy vs land, etc.) .
  • Military - AI will tend to build ships to deal with blockaded cities more often
  • Military – Corrected an issue hampering movement of AI armies, especially when in close proximity to enemy forces
  • Diplomacy – AI will be more reluctant to offer or accept open border agreements with more powerful opponents.
  • Diplomacy – Fix for never ending deals (peace, research agreements, etc).
  • City – City specialization and city focus improvements.
  • City - Cities that are Avoiding Growth will not grow while that option is selected
  • Workers – Priority of trading posts reduced, and rebalanced priorities on other improvements
  • Workers – Improved the path-finding mechanic when building route-to roads improved, including a large performance increase when evaluating road-pathing.


  • Exploit – Fix for gifting unit exploit
  • Chat – Color-coding, sound alerts, etc., added for in-game chat system, including a larger window.
  • Deals – Additional deal validation put in place to verify deals before they are committed


  • Research treaties that end because you declare war will no longer grant the free tech
  • Save/Load – Fix for corrupted saves being experienced by some players in late-game.
  • Map - Huge map crash-during-load fix that were reported on some specific systems.
  • Map – Terrain caching fix that could cause problems for certain video cards (the “glowing red orbs” seen on the map are an indicator of this).
  • Map – Fix for the low res terrain that appears the first time the game is run (terrain tiles would not load in anything but low-res the first time you play on some computer configurations)
  • Strategic View – Crash fix for units rendering in background.
  • Strategic View – Fix for selecting units either standing on a city plot, or garrisoned in the city plot.
  • Eyefinity – Better handling of leader scenes when using Eyefinity displays.
  • Tutorials – Many tutorial tweaks and adjustments.
  • Multiple crash fixes.

18. Re: Civilization V Patch Plans Oct 14, 2010, 09:21 Verno
Wowbagger_TIP wrote on Oct 14, 2010, 00:31:
I've seen plenty of terrible AI diplomacy. They will offer very generous peace treaties sometimes, even when you're not about to topple half their cities, but if you have them surrounded and crush a few cities, they seem to refuse practically any concessions on their part, even though they face certain destruction. It's really quite dumb.

I had that happen last night, it was quite amusing. As China I was totally destroying Persia. The leader approaches me when I killed one of his crappy cities and offers something absurd like this:

Open Borders
15 gold per turn
485 gold
Bunch of luxury resources
4 Horses for 45 turns.

He's a serious threat in my game and I can't leave him unchecked so I turn it down so I can kill him. Later on I'm actually bombarding his capital and he's lost every other city, he offers peace concessions consisting of open borders and refuses any material counter-offer I make. So he'll give me everything in the world to spare his one shitty city but he won't save his capital for 50g. Bizarre.

Honestly, that was also my first impression. After tweaking the game a bit and changing my play style, I've discovered that instead it is basically part of their approach to ripping off the casus belli system (and perhaps the gold/economy balance) from Europa Universalis.

I'm not sure how playing EU would change my opinion of this system. If you weigh city-states objectively, they are there to prop up gameplay mechanics and the only real way to curry favor with enough to make a difference is with gold. There is no way around that analysis either, it's just the way it is in game.

Some people might say its great because they can force production or gold instead of food and hey whatever but let's not confuse that with an intelligently thought out gameplay mechanic. How do city states provide food? They give a static amount per turn, per era, per city. They don't give out food based on their own population which would make sense. They don't give you less food because they're already giving Greece food. If city states had limited resources to give to allies then they might be a far more interesting dynamic.

I know they're terrible because I'm abusing the shit out of them right now in my current game. The only food tiles I have are happenstance, everything is dumped into science/gold/production indiscriminately and without thought. Every single tile improvement is based on gold, production or science. I am not forced into one "spec", I can literally do everything by just abusing the system. If I was forced to make a choice then maybe the system would have impact and meaning but instead I get fast science, great gold income and excellent production so I am first on wonders 90% of the time and have an entire era lead on the competition despite their advantages from the high difficulty setting.

City states suck any way you look at it. Maybe their implementation sucks less in another game and makes more sense in that context but here in Civ5 they are fucking terrible. Thankfully, you can turn them off. Unfortunately the game's Civ AI is even more glaring when you only have them to interact with. I love a lot of the streamlining in Civ 5 and I don't agree with people who claim it's "dumbed down", I just think that there are some serious bugs, a lack of playtesting and some poorly thought out gameplay mechanics that need adjustment.

This comment was edited on Oct 14, 2010, 09:33.
Playing: Pillars of Eternity 2, Far Cry 5, Persona 5
Watching: Safe, Game Night, Last Flag Flying
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